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  1. Betelgeuse would be my no.2 because it'll be a hell of a sight when it does go pop!
  2. My laptop is the least of my worries in my garden. When I go to a dark site though I agree, no screens. But even so I've really enjoyed using stellarium and have located object much faster than ever managed before. Much better than the Meade handset too. I observed Ceres and vesta two nights running which blew me away. Could not have done that without the computer. I've now got a nexus7 tablet, sky safari pro android and will definitely get skyfi. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk 2
  3. VY Canis Majoris. Mainly because my son has started to show an interest in space and loves the videos on YT showing the sizes of stars next to one another. It's also pretty cool imagining the size compared to the sun.
  4. ...and I've enjoyed controlling the lx200 via stellarium. My kids seem to find it more interesting with the computer control too. Saw a chap on YouTube controlling his mount with an ipad which would be great.
  5. Thanks dunkster, sounds promising then. My MacBook is battlescared
  6. OK, what about this... Skywatcher AZ EQ6-GT EQMac software Keep my Meade 8" SCT OTA and ED80, and use them either dual mount alt az or piggy backed. That way I (hopefully) get a mount that can be used in alt az or EQ mode without losing rigidity, have the option to get more in-depth with AP in the future and be able to upgrade to bigger apertures if required. I was put off the synta mounts because it looked like all the control software was PC only, and I use Macs. Thoughts on the AZ EQ6-GT? Can it take an 11" SCT for example? (I was just nosing at the Borg super wide field & fast APOs, re
  7. Thanks olly, reality has a habit of that. Love the mesu. Looks like its been very carefully thought through. Slightly beyond my budget and ability though. Ive been surprised to find that the 10" lx80 doesn't seem any brighter than the 8" lx200, though only been able to view terrestrial stuff so far. Yeah older kit seems to be better made. So possibly a 2nd hand USA made 11 or 12 inch Sct or maybe a 12" open frame Dob. Realistically I'm not going to do any really serious AP any time soon. Just want to dabble. I guess that means I should bias towards more aperture. Are those goto equipped dobs a
  8. I've always fancied a big dob, but the size puts me off. The simplicity is attractive though. SCTs are nice because I can keep mine setup indoors and then pick it up (just) and walk it the 6 feet outside the french doors. I think an SCT and a fast refractor are a good combo though. I will look at mounting the ED80 on the LX200 with a rail or something. Maybe invest in some better EPs and a binoviewer? As for Meade, if they keep turning out dross like the LX80 then they are going down the tubes fast. Even the OTA is poor quality which was a surprise. The whole thing feels like a Chinese knockof
  9. I should come clean and say that I actually have already bought a new scope, but a replacement for the LX200 it is not! Its the new Meade LX80 10" SCT which I bought on impulse yesterday. It arrived today and to say I am disappointed with it is an understatement. This is why I'm was asking if the LX90 would have been a better choice. I would have liked to have compared the 10" aperture on Jupiter, but assembling the scope has revealed it to be a very poorly engineered piece of equipment. There is so much wobble and slop and jerky slewing even with a wide angle EP that it would be a huge downgr
  10. Thanks for the info. I can't stress enough how much a delight it is viewing objects that are perfectly still in the EP, even when focusing. I used to have a long & heavy 8" Newtonian on a Vixen SP and it was like a jelly on springs. I definitely do not want to downgrade in rigidity, so it sounds like my XL200 8" is probably as good as I can expect from the LX range as its the smallest. I have no experience with Celestron so can't make a judgement, but sounds like that might be a sidegrade or at best a marginal upgrade (to the 9.25 CPC). So - where to next without spending thousands?
  11. Hi Long time since I posted on here as I took a break from astronomy for a while. I've got an LX200 Classic 8", it's a 'vintage' model from the 90's but in perfect working order and condition and I can control it via Stellarium from my Mac. GOTO is much easier. My question is what would be a worthwhile upgrade from it - eg are the more modern LX90's better than my scope both in terms of mount rigidity and optics? What about other makes? Its primarily visual observing that I'm interested in but I've started to dabble with some basic AP and would like to try spectroscopy. My location is urban so
  12. HI Andy Thanks, I think I'm beginning to get it. Are we talking using the LX200 for imaging - I assumed the long focal length would make everything more complex. Or, can I use the LX200 as guidescope with the ED80 for imaging? My HEQ5 doesn't seem to have any interface or port for autoguiding. Probably getting ahead of myself a bit here though. (I downloaded PHD, it works for Macs yes.)
  13. Aha, you're right! I hadn't tried it the other way round - the two bolts were slipping of the shorter flange and cutting up the baseplate - turning it 180 deg the other way the flange fits inside the indentation on the HEQ5 clamp. Don't know why I didn't try it before. Thanks! Well, that means if the clouds clear I might be out tonight trying it.
  14. Thanks for the software tip - will check it out.... EDIT: just did, it's Windows only. I'm on a Mac. The Astrotrac is very interesting, I was aware of it when it first came out, but quite an investment. Certainly something to put on the xmas list for this year! I actually do have a dovetail, but it lacks a screw for the camera. My Manfrotto QR plate doesn't quite fit the HEQ5, but I just bought a 1/4"-20 hotshoe adapter screw from ebay and if its long enough it'll allow me to use the dovetail bar I have with the DSLR. So, camera on the HEQ5 sounds the simplest route once I learn to align it. I
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