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Cloud dodging for the moon


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Thanks guys.

John, I'm a member of a photography forum also, and the shooting details are always handy for finding out why something has gone wrong. So my export process embeds them in the border.

I had a murderous time getting focused with the scope last night. I couldn't get the webcam settings and amount of tubing right, and when I did, all my AVI's appear to be rubbish, shot using a RAW modded webcam and trying to debayer mucks up the image big time.

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Yup, the 1st one is definately the sharpest.

Was out last night til midnight, but haven't processed anything yet.

Conditions were definately bad, even with a 1.5 barlow the moon was pretty much doing a good impression of a jelly fish.

Still, got to see some features i've not seen before !


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