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  1. hi, im setting up my garden summer house into a observatory and i was wondering how i can insurance my scope & mount and where i can do this. I would imagine some of you have done this in the uk, so any advice would be very much appreciated. James.
  2. hi, does anybody know if a cable extention on a lumenera would effect it's performancee or not ? and if you have a LU or a DMK do you know the name of the cable ? ie : can you get from PC World ? Thanks, James.
  3. thanks, I was thinking of outside the DSLR Range, as with the Nikon 4300 / 4500 you could get proper astronomy adaptors. I just wondered with the amount of digital cameras on the market there were some that still had the threads by the camera lens ? It's more for Moon work than DSO's. JJ
  4. hi all, Are there any cameras out there about from Nikon and Canon that can be used for astrophotography and have exposure controls ? I have a "very battered" Nikon 4300 and looking for a replacement. Any suggestions ? JJ
  5. ok, i will get a refractor. So with this setup, all i need is a dual bracket and guiding software and i'll be ready to start to get it working
  6. Thanks, So this is my setup, I have a C9.25, a DMK, a Atik 2ic and a EQ6 mount. If I was to get a dual bracket and a another telescope would I be able to guide with the C9 and the DMK and use the other scope with the Atik camera ? James.
  7. Steve (MOD), i mean in the way of SBIG2000XCM which has a duel chip. I have to setup each time i go out and don't want to bolt another scope onto my C9 everytime i want to image, so just getting a ED80(for example) and then one camera which does long exposures sounds appealing. ____________________ SteveP, Do you have to get a exact polar alignment ? i have a Eq6pro and from my understanding if you get a good polar alignment the one of the dual chips keeps it from getting bad star trails ? Or am i wrong ? Thanks all for your input so far James
  8. SteveP, Was it easy to use ? I have a C9.25 which I use for lunar, but was thinking of investing in a WO 72 and a self guiding camera just for starters. I also have a Atik2ic which I never use. I've looked everywhere for a basic step by step guide on what you need for a basic dso setup, but can't find anything that doesn't look complicated I also have a EQ6 pro which I can only get 40-50secs max before trails so that's why I thought of a self guiding system. JJ
  9. hi all, thought i'd break down my questions as im not getting any answers so far So......please, does anyone have experience of self guiding cameras. I not looking for award winning pics of DSO's but i don't have 2 scopes to do the usual setup so im looking at a self guiding camera. Anyone recommend any ? Thanks, James.
  10. hi all, can anybody recommend a good scope for DSO imaging in the range of £300-£500 ? James.
  11. Hi all, Im looking for some advice on a basic-ish DSO Setup. I wonder what you feel is a good DSO scope - £400-600 range and a good CCD camera that is self guiding. I've got a EQ6pro. Im looking for something like a SBIG ST-2000XCM CCD Camera. Are these easy to setup/use. With it being self guiding am i right in saying that I can do a rough/good polar alignment with my EQ6pro and then self guide from there and it should track ok, or isn't it that simple ? Im not looking to do mind blowing images straight away, just something other than my C9.25 while the moon and planets are away. Any help would be appreciated. JJ
  12. Pete, What camera did you use for that or lens etc ? JJ
  13. Hi Nick, Just catching up with all the images....the difference in seeing in Spain is just amazing compared to the UK. Im considering upgrading to a C11 from my C9. I'd love a C14, but I set up my equipment on the evening itself and a C14 would be abit big to set up on my own, so im hoping a C11 would be a good compromise. I've had nothing since April that I would consider good seeing, but here's hoping for something special soon. Awesome images as usual. JJ
  14. taken in 'average' seeing conditions, as this is the first time since april i've had any sort of seeing conditions for lunar imaging, turned out ok considering. Bring on the cold nights ! C9.25 / LU075M, 2x Barlow, EQ6Pro, 1700approx stack in R4. JJ
  15. hi all, Does anybody know if I use my lumenera webcam (or just a normal webcam would work) with either of the above two scopes if I would get the whole moon in the field of vision ? Looking for a lightweight scope just for this purpose. thanks, JJ
  16. hi all, Can anyone recommend a camera for Lunar photography only. I have a nikon 4300, which is ok but im looking to upgrade. Basically im looking for a up to date version of the 4300 as I already have the thread adaptor and a 2x Lens for it. It needs to have a manual mode so I can do anything up to about 20secs exposure. I am researching, but thought you guys might be able to help JJ
  17. hi, i've tried this, and the flash doesn't come on, but on this setting it's ignoring what time i want to do etc, etc. All i want to do is to be able to do a 10sec exposure for example and not have the flash come on? JJ
  18. Grant, Can you be specific on what ones you need. I have muliple hi-res images of very good quality, from phases to crater close ups. If you tell me what you need i'll dig into my laptop and send you some JJ
  19. Hi guys, Can someone answer what should be a simple question for me. I have a 300D with no manual. I want to know how to turn the flash off on the Manual setting so when I want to take a long exposure the flash doesn't work. Any help would be appreciated. JJ
  20. Good start, much better than I did when I first started ! keep them coming JJ
  21. The first image is very good indeed ! ... very natural as it should be, great work ! JJ
  22. Hi Mods, Could you 'please' tell me how to post images without using them displaying in the tiny box when people click on them. Most of my lunar images look tiny and i'd really want people to see them as they should be seen. Im not a big fan of this feature to be honest, can I get around it ? thanks for any help JJ
  23. thanks, it was a pretty good night (make a change!) Hadley is quite difficult unless the seeing is really good, fortunately it was in the perfect phase that night as well, haven't had any success imaging this feature for over a year now. JJ
  24. David, Nice lunar shots ! what was the seeing like your end ? JJ PS : How did you manage to attach your image so it goes straight under the text ?? ... everytime I attach it put it in that box.
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