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Omegon 2.1X42 with nebular filter?


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A few weeks ago I bought some very original binoculars, Omegon 2.1X42, I imagine that they will be clones to the Vixen ..., until yesterday night I could not release them, the night was quite good, although where I live in summer there is enough heat, and there is not much transparency, but I have to comment that the images were pretty good, very curious, I had to bring my eyes close enough to the eyepieces to be able to cover more visual field, and I thought maybe some nebular or UHC filters could be good to observe nebulas, my Omegon have threads for 2 "filters .....
Anyone who has these binoculars has tried a nebular filter?
Thank you

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I’ve used filters with some Kasai binos of similar spec. Good fun for trawling the Milky Way, I managed the North America Nevula but I think you need more power for the Veil, I never managed it anyway, perhaps just darker skies needed.

I’m going to take my 7x35s with OIII and UHC filters (one of each) away camping to see how they go.

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