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To improve my NB processing skills I thought I'd attempt the Wizard Nebula.

The image below is a bi-colour with Ha mapped to red and OIII mapped to blue and green. Since I didn't like the initial colours, I experimented with the Hue until I achieved colours that I liked for the nebula and star field.

Processed in Photoshop CC, CCDstack and PI, the image consists of 30min unguided subs and was taken with my Esprit 150 mounted on my GM1000HPS. 




LIGHTS: 16 Ha, 11 OIII x 1800s. DARKS: 30, FLATS:40, BIAS:100 all at -20C.

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    • By ruskclark
      The Wizard Nebula
      An emission nebula 7,200 light years away and my first proper project of the new imaging year. 
      Really happy with it as I’ve had a steep learning curve with new kit so really pleased to see this image come together. It’s also the first time I’ve imaged it. 
      72x180s subs collected over 2 nights 24/25th August in my Bortle 7 back garden, Whitley Bay, England
      Calibrated with darks, flats and dark flats in DSS and processed in SiriL and Photoshop. 
      Lacerta 72mm f/6 APO
      ZWO ASI1600MC Pro at -15C gain 200
      iOptron CEM25p
      ZWO 60mm guide scope
      ZWO ASI120MM-S guide camera
      Altair Astro 2” Tri Band OSC Filter
      Data collected in APT and guided with PHD2

    • By tooth_dr
      Taken on Sunday evening with a 98% Moon.
      Comprising of 12 x 600s subs using an ED80 with a 0.85x FF, an Atik 383L+ and a 7nm Optolong Filter.
      Stacked in DSS, and processed in PS.
      Full frame and cropped, mono and h-alpha colour using NC Actions.
      Thanks for looking

    • By alan4908
      An LRGB +Ha image of the Wizard nebula. The Ha was blended into the Lum and Red channels. I had quite a processing battle to get (what I hope) are the correct star colours. I found it particularly difficult to get the blue in the blue stars that are embedded in the red nebulosity. 
    • By alan4908
      An LRGB +Ha attempt at the Wizard nebula. I used the Ha as a booster for Lum and Red channels. Due to the combination of bright stars and bright red nebulosity, I did find this quite a challenge to obtain some (hopefully) accurate star colours. I've concluded that blue stars embedded in red nebulosity are difficult to process !
      The image represents just over 13 hours integration time. 
      Comments and criticisms are welcome.

      LIGHTS: L:9,R:8,G:7,B:8 x 600s, Ha:16 x 1800s. DARKS:30, FLATS:40, BIAS:100 all at -20C.
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