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My advice would be not to ask Registar to do the entire job. If combining higher resolution 'close ups' with widefields I normally work from stretched and processed data. So I register and crop/pad the close up to the widefield and I'll keep one copy of this as it is and another which has been 'calibrated' to the widefield in Registar as well. Usually I prefer the uncalibrated version.

I then go back into Photoshop and apply the close up as a top layer. I delete the black 'padding' created by Registar to align the images and then feather in the high res overlay using the eraser, so the transition is gradual. Even so the overlay will rarely if ever be flattened down at 100%. You can't over-do the increase in resolution or it will be very obvious. (Maybe mine are very obvious and people are too polite to say so! :icon_biggrin:)


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BTW, once you've got your cropped and padded frame into PS and, as Olly says, you want to remove the black "padding" on your layer, use Color Range (fuzziness 0) to select the black border and either delete or mask it out. Double check that no black/clipped/cold pixels are selected in the image itself though!

HTH and apologies if you already knew this!

All the best


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