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Some Jupiters from 16/06


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Had another crack at Jupiter on Saturday evening. Just finished processing several videos i captured. Mostly used the 127mm Mak with 2x barlow but i also used the element off a 2x barlow attached to the front of my Altair GPCam, then into a 2x barlow (i assume this gives approx 3.6x mag??)

 I even had a go with the humble ST80 just for the challenge and to see what if anything i could capture. 

All captured with Sharpcap. Processed using Pipp, AS, Registax, Lightroom and Gimp.

127mm Mak, 3.6x Barlow




127mm Mak, 2x Barlow (attempt 1)



127mm Mak (2nd attempt)



ST80, 3.6x Barlow


Thanks for looking :-)


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Nice images Bobby...I don't take many astro photos but when I do I also use Gimp...my final step is to duplicate the finished image/layer then make the top layer mode "Multiply" and adjust the opacity slider to get to the desired effect. I tried it on your 1st image.

88% opacity then 52% for the 2nd



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I hadn't realised that the first image had an odd background. It all looked to be one even colour on my macbook. 

My boss actually showed me a method using word and paint to position a pic in a suitable place depending on where you want it on your desktop. 

So I did the following for use on my work computer.



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