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May 26, 2017: WL and Ca-K disks, is there a new AR on the limb?

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Great sunshine, with just the occasional thin cloud scudding by. Got out the scope round lunchtime, and manage to grab a load of data. Seeing was far from perfect, but better than yesterday. The image wobbled quite a bit, but despite wobble details tended to remain sharper.

Here are the first disks I shot, in Ca-K and WL. The Ca-K clearly shows a bright area of plage on the eastern limb, which on closer inspection is also present in WL. No spots yet, as far as I can see, but an angry-looking area of faculae (WL) and plage (Ca-K). The part inverted shot shows some proms in the same area.

WL, grey scale:


WL, pseudo colour:


Ca-K, grey scale:


Ca-K, pseudo colour:


Ca-K, part inverted:


Ca-K, part inverted + pseudo colour:


As ever, best seen at full resolution

I am still processing the H-alpha data, and some WL and Ca-K detail shots

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Very nice Michael,

4 minutes ago, michael.h.f.wilkinson said:

but an angry-looking area of faculae (WL)

I was certain I caught a view of a pore there this morning in vis but not seen it since. Hopefully something develops.

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