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I still dont do observing!... but...

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Tonight I preformed a bit of surgery on the 200pds to make better use of the awful versa base you get with the diamond steeltrack focuser. I had a curve adaptor 3d printed to turn the focuser mounting into a flat base (a bit like a moonlite) on top of which I could mount the versa base with M5 bolts, now installed and collimated it looks and feels a lot more robust.

For testing, I couldnt have been bothered to set up for imaging so I went unpowered, got the 17mm Hyperion and 2x barlow out, and swung it round to the obvious candidate for viewing - Jupiter :)

Conditions not great, as the banding was coming and going with the seeing - and no GRS (actually thats a feature ive still yet to see for myself!). But, I think its probably the first time ive viewed Jupe through one of my own telescopes. Also on show was Europa, Io, Ganymede and Callisto... a nice little run out and no obvious issues with the surgery performed on the focuser :)

200pds, 17mm Hyperion, 2x Barlow

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11 hours ago, Uranium235 said:

and no GRS (actually thats a feature ive still yet to see for myself!)

Same here. Somehow, it was always on the other side when I looked at or I tried to image Jupiter. :happy3:

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