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Hi All,

I am having some troubles with my new guide camera. I have a Starwave 50mm Guide Scope and an Altair GPCAM AR0130C camera. When I attach the camera to my main telescope (Bresser AR102S) I can see images on my laptop (in the preview window). However, when I attach the camera to the guide scope, all it get is a completely black preview screen. I suspected it might be a back focus issue, but I have tried with and without the extensions that came with the guide scope but all I get is the black screen.

Any ideas what I need to do to get myself sorted?

Thanks in advance for any help and advice.


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sounds like a focus issue.  Try pointing it at a brighter object, or even in the daylight at a distant hill (not the sun!) to confirm that the exposure is about right for the smaller aperture.  I set mine up in the daylight, and even focused it that way, much easier than trying it at night.

good luck


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