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ToUcam RAW Mod


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Quite by chance I had a couple of hours clear skies last night, so I got the opportunity to try out the RAW mod on the cam.

Results look quite promising (image to follow later), and I think with more time it's going to be pretty good.

It was quite windy and the seeing wasn't great, maybe 6/10 and my barlow (as I subsequently discovered) has 2 tonnes of dust all over it, so the result is not as good as I would hope - I will have to pull out more frames than I'd like, but there you go.

I found the sensivity at 640x480 was pretty good, the gain was lower than I've had it pre-mod, and I could up the frame rate without too much trouble. Better seeing would allow 15 or 20 fps I would think.

I had the gamma down to zero and of course saturation, and shutter speed I think was at 1/50 - 'fraid I can't remember!

K3 and Registax are fine with RAW AVI, no problems.

Next test is to try the fine control program (WcCtrl) as this allows fine tuning of the parameters, rather than the big changes in the default software.

Anyway, image to follow shortly....

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