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Hi all, 

I would like to power a mount and a laptop at the same time. I was thinking of buying the powertank but i realized most of you'll use batteries. I can make the circuit easily. 

Can you'll recommend me some good battery which can power me the night. Below 250£if possible please and not a heavy one (back back :(

Weight till 5kgs is acceptable. 

Main goal is mount. Laptop can run 2hrs without the need if charging. 



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Light + lots of power = expensive.


For my setup, I use a 70ah leisure battery, but it weight about 20Kg.   It can easily run laptop + scope + heaters  * 2 + camera * 2 + iPad + iPhone for an evening without me worrying about the battery going flat.

The battery cost me about £70 from Halfords (It's a UK store automotive store)

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