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0.5 FR with a guidescope ?

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As my DMK618 has a pretty small FOV can I use my 0.5 FR to increase the available star field ?

I have tried this already, i screwed the FR into the nosepiece end which then went on the DMK, slid it into the guide scope but could not get an in focus image to appear, could anyone tell me if i may need to extend the distance of the cam & FR from the EP holder.

Just any tips really to get this working as i feel spacing is critical.



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Focal reducers.... arrrggh.

I decided to get a FR for my main camera and it turned into quite a chore. One was horrible with chromatic aboration. The next one (expensive) required specific spacers which were Out of Stock. Finally, I got the one specifically made for my camera which screws directly into the nose piece of the camera, and it has been fine.

Specific spacing is often key with these focal reducers. It is adding another lens on the sensors view. So the spacing makes it critical in my experience. Once I realized that, and found where a specific FR was made for my Orion G3 camera (which can be used as a guide camera, or a Deep Space camera) my desires were met.

Once you do get that "magic" combination, it is like having two cameras in one. Possibly the manufacturer/supplier of your specific camera can be of help?

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