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  1. Well, Happy New Year! I'm onto this like a rat on cheese. I've downloaded the AAF2 to both Windows 10 operating PC's and both are checking out fine. Can't wait for the parts to arrive Monday. Now, if the shipper at would just get off their duff and get my parts on the way. 3 days since placing my order and still waiting shipment. Supposedly due Monday. But you can't ship Monday for a Monday delivery. Meanwhile, I've been reading this immense thread trying to follow the developments. And have the DS18B20 waterproof probe on the way as well, via Ebay. Thank You, Tekkydave for your development and continued support toward this electronic focuser! My direction is a direct drive to my 11:1 Crayford focuser stem. My focusing is very touchy and so I'm hoping the direct connection works out, without wanting to gear it down more. Edit in: I found and bought the waterproof temperature probe on Ebay. I was pleasantly surprised that my item was shipped within the hour of buying it. I'm really rethinking my buying options concerning As in, Forget you Amazon. (My items from Amazon still aren't shipped yet.)
  2. Hard to do better than that, Jim. CGX Pro... You can always put up a brace pole from the ground floor....
  3. And you with yours, Michael. My parts are scheduled for next Monday. I hate the waiting... Sigh!
  4. Michael and RB, Here is a link to some basic symbols you are encountering as you slowly sink into the mire of electronics. I'm on my way to an electronic focuser as we speak. Parts on order as of today. I just needed a few confirmations from a friend who is using complete remote on his set-up in frozen North Dakota, U.S.A. One thing I changed about my plans is to go with a direct drive to my fine focus adjuster on my two-speed Crayford. I was concerned about the side loading a belt drive might impart to the tiny shaft (2.7 mm). Matthew (N.D.) has his direct coupled to his fine adjust shaft and assured me the tiny Unidirectional gear motors have plenty of torque to do the adjusting. So the side loading became a non-issue. The motors I ordered are the 28byj 48, 5 volt, with Uln2003 Driver Board for Arduino. Same format as my friend has on his focuser. Onward! Into the fog!
  5. It is my opinion that often software is written on one platform, but misbehaves on others. I have seen that more often with Apple/Microsoft. In other words, one size does NOT fit all. As evidenced in downloads and what platforms they are aimed at. (I PC myself. I also have enjoyed building many of my own computers.) As I have bumbled my way along, I try different programs, do damage control, and often wind up back at what has been working for me. I'm kind of Spartan (You could say Boring) and want slim, no frills software and Icon's. At this point I have NexRemote (Celestron virtual hand control), Stellarium 15.0 (Because the latest version puts me off with the gingerbread in it), and PHD2. I don't know how they manage to interface and absolutely control my mount, but they do and do it very well. PHD2 (Currant version: 2.6.2) has been amazingly reliable for me now that I have it 'tweaked' in for my mount and all. But like all things, when mixing up so many things like we do in Astronomy, it's easy to go awry. I was able to make leaps and bounds by following along with some Youtube videos. And I use PHD2's Screen with the 'Bullseye' view as my eyepiece when doing my alignments and All Star Polar Alignment. I almost have my guide scope and Main Optical Tubes zeroed with each other. So what's centered in one is very nearly centered in the other. Not that it matters much for guiding, but I strive for accuracy. Even if the target is thousands of light years away, or might not even exist anymore. Helping you with your observations and problems actually helps any of us who stop by to see what's up, and read of the fixes shared in the thread. I know it helps me, so if I find myself bamboozled I might think back and say, "Right, Mick got out of this by reloading his ASCOM drivers... And away we go... Finally a clear night coming around here. Going to get things working. We've had one of the wettest winters in a long, long time. And here about a month of doing without, I'm itching to have a look at the stars again. I say we need the rain so we'll have a good Brush Fire season.... Without it, we don't have enough fuel for big fire. I hope clear skies are coming for you, too. Glad you have your PHD2 figured out and working again. I'm off to the mount with my telescope. Cheers!
  6. That is nice Mike. I used an older version, but I like the link you've provided. And although where I live is not shown as a dark area at all, I manage with filtering like a Badder Moon and Sky Glow, and using an HA7nm for nebula imaging. I do have some good dark sites nearby though. This map puts me in a 'Pink' Zone. LOL!
  7. The house movement would be another concern of mine (or the natural vibration as others move about or open and close doors). Shucks, I don't even want rubber feet under my mount... Please let us know what mount you do get for the RASA. It's a truly remarkable imaging telescope. Enjoy!
  8. Good of her not to refer to it as The Outhouse.... I'm afraid that if I built an Observatory, I might be moved into it.
  9. Everybody starts somewhere Michael. Take heart, at this point you are ahead of me.
  10. Mick, You might want to try looking at some of the posts in this thread: HTH
  11. Hi Mick, I downloaded to try out the latest of the greatest _______________ a while back and suffered a lot of PHD2 troubles. The whatchacallit X.9 jacked around my PHD2. Then I downloaded in great hopes the latest of the greatest Stellarium 15.1, in a separate folder..., to have a look at it. But it wiped out my Stellarium 15.0 that I had working fine. I recovered from that snafu. I went back to 15.0 and I'm stick-stick-sticken to it. Something that has seemed to become a bit routine here is if my PHD2 begins acting up, I reset my mount to it's factory settings in the hand control. Then things seem to straighten up and fly right. Celestron AVX mount. You didn't mention your mount, but this is what seems to fix mine. PHD2 wise, I don't seem to have much, or no, trouble at all with it. But if doing a reset on your mount does not help, or if you don't wish to try that, how about removing PHD2 and reinstalling it? Maybe something has corrupted your ASCOM drivers (SGP, square electron, or a spider fart), and a clean new install can get you back in business. I can't give you a silver bullet beyond that. I can give you a couple of links that got me finally cooking with PHD2. Make sure you get the correct OS for your computer(s) (PHD was certainly not "Push Here Dummy" simple for me!) But now, it's my main squeeze. PHD2 Basics 1 PHD2 Basics 2 PHD2 Drift tool I never have used the drift tool, haven't needed to.
  12. EQ-6 is rated at a 40 pound load. So I can understand your reservations, Jim. But, correct me if I'm wrong, I've been lead to believe that load rating is for the Vixen rail up. I, however, would always prefer to err to the light load/heavy mount side of things; such as I have with a 30 pound rated mount handling a 13.1 pound Vixen rail up imaging set-up. Oh. Nevermind, I see where the RASA is way over the mounts rating. Weight 43 lb / 19.5 kg Add the necessary camera and guiding, and maybe a few more goodies and you'd have a groaning mount. The CGX looks to me to be a match made in heaven... I have a friend here who is showing some of the most remarkable images with that scope. I wish I could do an attic observatory myself.
  13. Congratulations! Our weather is suppose to be clearing here. New telescopes always attract clouds. Thanks for drawing them away...
  14. Jamie, I would caution to allow a free airflow for the outside computer. What I do is to simply make sure the computer can blow its hot air away easily by using my brick as a prop for the one end. I tried running mine with the plastic bin set down over it, but I felt uncomfortable with how hot it actually got bottled up like that. So I prop it up. When the equipment is parked for the non-observing times, the blue bin covers my powered USB hub and other wiring from the mount. HTH
  15. Having worked with Seismology recorders and seeing their bases, and talking with the techs, I've learned that everything moves. Because the Earth is constantly moving and vibrating. Their recorders shown the traffic a mile away from the actual pier the sensors for the recorders were mounted to. It was quite an eye opening experience. So I wasn't surprised to see my own movements recorded in my camera during imaging. So when all is set and ready, I will usually retire to my inside computer to do my image gathering with the least amount of "traffic" around my equipment. I also try to be "Larry Light-foot" if I do go out to twiddle or fiddle. (My kingdom for a stepper focuser) My tripod/mount typically stays put, it's toes firmly ensconced into divots to make sure it remains where it is from day to day. But during my alignment I try to always remember to do an All Star Polar Alignment as a part of my procedure to fine tune my polar alignment as need be (Typically a very fine adjustment). So any creepage from temperature swings or vibrations gets a chance to be corrected before I start my actual imaging. And if/when I set up a pier of my own I would most likely continue my A.S.P.A. just to be sure I've done my part to do my best setting up. But the point being, piers wiggle and piers giggle. Because the Earth does.