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  1. Oh, I'd never chuck the TV. That's what babysits the wife....
  2. You Sir, are ridiculous. Well proven here.
  3. Yep. I'll recall not to visit any skyscapers built but my fellow Star Gazers.
  4. Pick the biggest one, Hunter. I keep my shop cool by having a roof vent in the peak. Not that it really cools it all that much, but it let's the rising hot air out. It also keeps it dry. Which is more important to my equipment. Otherwise, check the temperature extremes for your equipment. If the shed will exceed those by much, might want to consider cooling. Or bringing your sensitive parts indoors. But when you roll off the roof, the heat will whoosh out the opening.
  5. Thanks! I'm staying home. In the 60% zone. I was going to travel, but why jump into the madness? It's going to be (and already is) all over the TV. I set my DVR to record the coverage. And most likely it will be much better than I could do, anyway. Hope you have a Great Day, too!
  6. I don't need to throw images around, Olly to prove my point. But I can. One is the Eagle Nebula in my Profile. I've done up to 1 1/2 hour OSC images. Just to see if I could. It was a fun experiment. Advising sloppy workmanship in setting up, then relying on the electronics to do all the compensating, makes no sense to me. If you don't have a reference to the ball of jello we are trying to image from, there is no mechanical start point. Might just as well nail my mount on the roof, hey, works every bit as well. And Takahashi isn't in this thread Sir, you brought that bit in
  7. For imaging, Peter, I would always go with guiding. I look at it as simple, give your mount an "Eye on the Sky" to help it stay as rock solid as possible. But off-Axis guiding is best used for the light buckets. Schmidt-Cassegrain's are the best candidates. How do I know? I spent over two months trying to get 2 different OAG's to work with my ED80T CF telescope. Finally, I sent back the second high end OAG, and got my 50 mm guide scope. BINGO! The right combination! Get as good of a Triple APO telescope as your budget allows. Remember, it is going to be the lens for your ca
  8. But Dave... How will you watch all the "I Love Lucy" reruns with a busted TV???
  9. The News channels here are peppered with the controversial scalping going on. Huge price jumps! Best wishes to those traveling. Please be careful, and Patience all. The wife and I plan to be basking in our back yard with our Solar Eclipse cardboard souvenir glasses. Event being recorded on the DVR. Camera quietly marching along snapping up shots. And happy I dodged the madness...
  10. So because you spent a Kings Ransom on a mount, it makes you right? Okey Dokey.... I'll remember that when poking a pier in the ground. It does not have to be plumb because Olly and John said so.
  11. Disagree if you'd like. But the fact that my method works, and works very well, cannot be denied. "Yes, you are not trying to align your pier to the centre of the earth, you are trying to align your mount's RA axis to the Earth's polar axis. These are unconnected." Interesting statement Olly. The center of the Earth is not connected? Ta-Ta Gents.
  12. I think it is not so much which camera... But the right telescope for the job at hand.
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