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DSS Newbie question

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Apologies if this has been asked before, I searched for an answer and couldn't find one.

This is my first time with DSS so bear with me please.

I took 10 lights of the M45 last night - 60 secs at ISO1600 on my Canon 600 and the CR2 Raw files look good when viewed on my laptop. M45 virtually filled the FOV as I used a 905mm FL frac.

I opened latest version of DSS and open the lights and checked / ticked all the image files when they appeared as a list on DSS. I then clicked on register and stack and the processing took a couple of minutes. The image display panel on DSS showed the final image which was a thin image which vertically filled the display panel but was only about 10% of the width of the display and it didn't look anything like M45. Your suggestions would be gratefully received.


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Hi happy-kat,

Thanks and I've now downloaded 3.4.4 and can see it in my downloaded files box, when I click on the open button it doesn't do anything, the "open with" icon sends me to the www to download an app.

The downloaded files are in RAR format whatever that means.

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After a couple of hours messing about downloading, uploading, sideloading, uninstalling etc I achieved the following:

DSS 3.4.4 downloaded

7 Zip downloaded

Open 10 light files of M45, after about 5 minutes processing an image was produced that horizontally filled the display screen but vertically filled about 10% of it, so in effect it was opposite to my first attempt.

I've uninstalled everything again - Is there AP software out there that offers a plug and play option as I'm losing the will to live already :-)




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