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  1. I have the cem25 and went with the 2" legs. I like them they seem pretty stable. I can carry the mount in one hand, the legs in the other and the scope on my back if need be (have done this for around 200m but not further). If you want pics/further information let me know.
  2. Yeah you wanted the ROCK64 from Pine64 Link https://www.pine64.org/?page_id=7147 It's confusing because the company is pine64 and they make a pine64 and a rock64...
  3. Hi Likwid. I had a quick look in PS and just doing some basic stretching using just levels in photoshop it seems like you do see some nebulosity. I made no attempts to keep the star size under control here, was just looking in 3s to see what was there. If you look at the histogram of your posted image, all the information is in a tiny region on the left. You need to 'zoom in' to that region to see the range of light you have captured. If that makes sense. I'm sure someone else here will give you a better explanation but just a quick 'don't lose hope' it's not so bad GJ!
  4. Lots of good advice here but I would also advise considering starting out with a pair of good binoculars, 8 x 50. Cheap and will do what you asked for in the original post. As well as being very compact, comfortable to use, and a great way to see some of the bigger things and learn the sky!
  5. jazza

    Dew Strip

    There's no reason I can think of why you couldn't plug the dimmer into the power adaptor the same way you would to the battery if you wanted to.
  6. jazza

    Dew Strip

    Let's see, you have 20 330 ohm resistors connected in parallel: 1/Rtot = 1/R1 + 1/R2 + ... So Rtot = 16.50 ohm P = V^2/R I'm assuming you're powering using 12V so P = 8.72 watts total or ~ 0.6 watts per cm. I think nichrome is around 0.3 watts per cm so your home-made one should be twice as warm. How were you powering it? Note the website says:
  7. Yeah I thought about it and started to reframe the shot but ran into some issues with how I'm guiding and decided to fix those instead. Really enjoying kstars/ekos though.
  8. ED80 on iOptron cem25 Canon 7d 13 x 2 min subs + 9 x 10 min subs Would have kept going but the meridian flip killed me Could be worse, could be better.
  9. Thanks for the feedback, had a go at keeping the stars more under control. Not sure which one I like more though!
  10. Hi all, Finally got everything almost working right! Off-axis guider cuts off right of frame a bit but oh well. ED80 on iOptron CEM25 14 x 5 min guided. Then the fog came in Was fighting dew all night but rigged up a dew strap that did pretty well! Comments, criticism and feedback always appreciated. Cheers.
  11. Maybe try raspberr:0 as well.. though I'd be surprised
  12. Yes the initial amperage does not matter/is fine in this case. I'm not an expert on the eq6 but the battery you linked looks like it should do the job fine. You will need to be careful to get the polarity correct (that + and - are correct) I do not know if the eq6 has any reverse polarity protection. If it were me I would consider adding some reverse polarity protection to the cable I use. There's a decent video explaining how this works here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrB-FPcv1Dc As well as a fuse of some kind. Again I don't know if the eq6 already has this inbuilt so it may not be necessary. Any eq6 owners here? I might also be slightly paranoid here. The alternative approach is to design your cabling in such a way that it is set up once carefully and then very difficult/impossible to get wrong. Clearly coloured wiring helps for example.
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