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skywatcher AZ-EQ5 polarscope

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Hi all,


Can anyone help me with my AZ-EQ5 polarscope.I have followed the step 1 & step 2 instructions in the calibration routine but cannot for the life of me work out step 3 in which i am asked to calibrate against a vertiical plane by adjusting the 6 ????  screws. It later refers to the 6 screws as 3 screws.I have tried adjusting the 3 larger screws to no effect and also the three small ones which dont appear to do anything.The Skywatcher instructions just dont seem to make sense. Maybe i am missing something really simple.Any help would be great.This is the polarscope that fits externally.

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Cannot give anything specific, apologies, but I would suspect that one set of 3 srews are to lock the reticule, or something, in position and that the other 3 are to make adjustments. Which one do which aspect I cannot help, but it means that all  would need to be loosened off before anything happens. At a guess the bigger one lock, the smaller ones adjust - presumes thaere is a size difference.

Have you looked through astro baby's site ? It is the sort of thing that she may have covered in the HEQ5 setup that she produced, and although a different scope the polar scope could be the same or close enough that something there can be used.

Suppose it is a bit presumptious to suggest but if you have to go in blind, how about writing it all up with diagrams, pictures etc and make it available to others ?

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I will need to have a proper look but it sound like if they are referring to three small grub screws that are around the edge of the eyepiece then these are used to align the cross hairs in the polar scope. Does this have the arm that attaches to the mount as I guess you will need to align the polar arm and polar scope to the mount and then rotate the mount to check that the polar scope is aligned. You basically look through the polar scope and line  up cross hair with something that is not going to move and rotate the mount to check that it stays central and there is no wobble. Just like calibrating a laser colimation tool.

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