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  1. The Plymouth Astronomical Society will be at Waterstones, Drake Circus, Plymouth on 4th June from 11am - 4pm. We will have several telescopes and binoculars of different types for you to see and members will be on site for you to talk to. So, if you are perhaps lurking here and want to find out more about this fascinating hobby of Astronomy why not drop in and have a chat. You will be able to pick up a free Dark Sky Discovery chart and a voucher to attend a couple of society meetings free of charge and see if it is for you. Look forward to seeing you there
  2. Fantastic! Ask for me, Paul Churchley, when you get there and say hello ... I am on the committee so I will be there early. Recent meetings have been well attended so if you want a good seat get there early See you there
  3. Friday 13th May 2016 Talks: The Rosetta Mission: updates from comet 67P and what this means for the origins of life on Earth, by Claire Davies. Claire is a Research Fellow in the Astrophysics Group at the University of Exeter. The Night Sky in May Venue: Room 411, Top Floor, Babbage Building, Plymouth University Time: 7.30-9.30pm All welcome - non-members £2
  4. Plymouth Astronomical Society will be holding a Webcam modding workshop and general social event on 28th September 2015. There has been interest in how to mod a webcam for astro use and so we are holding a workshop get-together on the topic. Bring along your own webcam to mod but there is a chance you will destroy your webcam, so please only bring one that you can afford to break. Learning often involves breaking things to learn how not to do so. You will not need any experience of electronics, webcams, computers, DIY or anything like that. As long as you're safe enough to use a screwdriver without supervision you're going to be fine. People will need to bring their own webcam and tools (i.e. a screwdriver to open their webcam).We hope to also have a demonstration of collimation.It will be at the cafe in the park at Freedom Fields, Plymouth, probably around 6:30 - 9:30All Welcome but if you are attending please post here or on the PAS Facebook page as there is limited space. Thanks
  5. This is an interesting question and it seems that there is no right/wrong answers. Both seem to work well. It might depend on your target and if there is a bright enough guide star in the FOV. I bought an ST80 for guiding but when I found that I could use a standard 9x50 finder I switched to that. In fact, I haven't decided which is best as I haven't yet used either enough times yet but if the 9x50 works well then that would be my choice as it is lighter and easier to set up. I certainly find balancing easier with the finder.
  6. Thanks everyone... I have ordered one
  7. Crickey! What is that? It looks like it could do a lot of damage if put in the wrong kind of place Never seen one of those before.
  8. Thanks for your suggestion but the EFW2 are M54 x 0.75 at least on one side... not a common one unfortunately.
  9. I have the Crayford. I gathered from others that the crayford was pretty good so I felt the extra £500 was not something I could stretch to. Can I put a stepper motor on it?
  10. Finally got the chance to set up the Lunt 60 today. Also to try out the ZWO ASI174MM. Here is my first image... very pleased but a bit out of focus and clearly I have a lot to learn but very, very pleased with this as a first attempt. It the first time I have used photoshop too for anything major so again... lots to learn but great fun and what a challenge! Would welcome any comments
  11. They say... no picture - didn't happen... so here is my first image from the Lunt 60 thanks to your help today. Needless to say... I am very excited!
  12. Snaxmuppet

    Solar Images Lunt 60

    Images of the sun in Ha from my Lunt 60.
  13. No probs. Yes, perhaps it is in the manual... have to admit that I have done the typical male thing of not reading it very thoroughly. Read about the etalon and that was about it! Must go back and read later. Got some images. Just getting some more than I might post the results. Don't expect much... absolute beginner at all things imaging!
  14. OK... sorted. Sub was in FOV and I was looking at the sun and not a reflection. The diagonal/blocking filter was pushed all the way in to the focuser. I assumed that is how it was meant to be but I was wrong. I fixed the diagonal further out in the focuser and YAY! In focus! Switched to my zoom EP and as a first view all I can say is WOW!! WOW! WOW! Great proms to left and right side, filaments, everything. Etalon working as I bring different parts into the bandwidth. Love it! Thanks everyone. Although no one actually mentioned adjusting the diagonal in the focuser but it was your suggestions that I should play around more that inspired me... particularly suggesting the wider FOV and focusing first before adjusting the etalon. Now... to get some images! Thanks again everyone... I am now a solar observer (beginner grade!)
  15. Thx for such quick replies... the scope is still set up so I will try those things but tbh I have already tried most of them... I too thought it was a relection I was trying to focus on so I shall look at that. I am using a 25mm to give me a full disc. I am trying to get a sharp edge of the disc but can't get a focused edge at all. I did remove the etalon plunger initially to equalise pressure but no pop or gush. and the plunger makes no difference to the view at all. I'll try again. Thanks.
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