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Walking on the Moon

90 degree finder scope.

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Thanks guys,

I like the Sky watcher RACI. All I could find in the US is Orion types, (Orion and Celestron don't mix well). I'll find the currency margin and see what those costs are in US dollars. I've also been considering the "red dot" type finder and retro fitting a low cost 90 deg. eyepiece to it. I still don't know. I get the feeling I should be patient and save up to get the Sky Watcher. mounts aren't an issue with me, I've been in the precision machine trades for 36+ years and retro fitting one doesn't look like too much of a problem.

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Orion stuff is often made by the same manufacturer that makes Skywatcher - a company called Synta. I have the Orion 9x50 right angled, correct image finder and the Skywatcher one and they are exactly the same except for the logo's and colour scheme. Synta also own Celestron now so make their stuff as well. "All roads lead to Synta..." :icon_biggrin:

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I use Orion 9x50 raci's on all my scopes - they fit the Skywatcher shoes perfectly, and most Celestron ones too - though I did have to fit a universal shoe on my CPC to replace the totally different "sledge type" one it came with. Hth :)

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As I just found this thread, I regret not responding earlier considering your purchase already of the Skywatcher - which should serve you very well! But for any others reading this, and are in the USA or Canada, I'd suggest the GSO RACI :


I have two of these. I'd replace any others I have should they have a fatal mishap. My reason being they are very easy to adjust in the dark, and changing the settings is very easy without causing any 'jump' in the image through the main telescope & eyepiece. The fact that it's also the least expensive of the litter out there is an added incentive, though that is not anywhere near my primary consideration. But it is nice! :p

I'm sure you'll get many years out of the Skywatcher. They have very nice gear - and only recently started selling here in the US. Glad to have 'em.


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Thank you again Dave,

As I said, I did buy the skywatcher. I mounted it and from that day on, nothing but clouds. I did look at the html you posted and think that will be my next purchase. I am eyeing down the Astromaster 130EQ reflector and if I do get one, I will definitely want a 90 deg. finder.

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I have a correction to confess.

I did not buy the the Skywatchr 9X50.  I did buy the  GSO 8X50 as Dave in Vermont suggested. My apologies!... All the dimensions for the dovetail matched perfectly so I bought it, but  the waiting time was too long for the 9X50, so I bought the GSO 8X50 and it was delivered the next day. I meant to communicate this and failed in my confusion.  It works great I mite add!!

Again. Please forgive me for the clerical error!!


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I'm ashamed not correct!
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