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This is my first attempt at a narrowband image taken over 2 nights.

Around 3 hours of data in HA, O111 and S11 combined.

Atik 383l 

William optics star 7Star

Baader 36mm unmounted filters.

Still having trouble balancing the sky and getting it right. I attempted to take flats at dusk but don't think they are calibrated correctly. I'll have to try and take a new set soon.

ic 1396 8bit.jpg

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Have you looked at the Bob Franke tutorial on how to create the more traditional narrowband colours? Green dominates here as you've mapped Ha to green and the ha signal is generally stronger than the others.

Its just a case of changing some of the sliders in the colour select tool.

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Sara's advice is spot on here, Bob Franke's processing routine can be found here

I am not working from your original raw data so this won't show the process at its best but here is an approximation of what Bob's process might achieve with your data:-




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