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show us your.... cable setup?!

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Horwig    776
On 16/03/2017 at 22:41, tomato said:

This is what my cables look like 99% of the time. About the only advantage of setting up and taking down each session......:D

I know how you feel, this is how my kit should look, but most of the time it looks remarkably like yours:icon_biggrin:


I've tried to separate the cables into three logical groups:

1, cameras: USB x 2 for main and guiding camera, and a 12v power. All connectors on the camera are right angle types, with the loom P-clipped to the camera body.

2, Scope: focuser, 9 pin D type, and 12v PWM, which is shared by the anti dew and Telrad

3, Mount: 12v power and eqmod.

The looming sleeve and velcro ties help to keep it tidy the rest of the year as well :icon_biggrin:




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    • By jRaskell
      After having used my Meade Infinity 102 several times now, the piece that has been the biggest impediment to observing is the mount.  The main issue has been with altitude adjustment, both course and fine.
      There's some play in the course adjustment, about 1-2º worth, and the fine adjustment is a bit on the rough side.  The azimuth control is ok in both course and fine adjustment.
      There's also the fact that the fine adjustments have a limited range which requires re-centering them about a few times every hour or so.
      I've tried various tweaks to the mount to no avail.  At this point I'm not really inclined to put any more effort into improving the mount.  It is usable and if I stick with this and am still observing a couple months from now, then I'll be looking for an upgrade.  I want to stick with the alt-az design.  I don't want to pay for goto capabilities. I'm currently not interested in imaging.  Would the Vixen Mini Porta be too small for this scope?  Would the Vixen Porta II be a more appropriate mount for this scope?  Any other options I should consider?
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      Hello to all,
      I have got a chance of going for a IOptron CEM25P that I want to use in my back garden. I also would like to take it on my travels around the UK and possibly abroad. I have organised a deal for this mount together with an 80 mm triplet refractor and guide scope.
      I can order the mount with 1.5” or 2” legs; weight difference is about 3kg for the heavier version, extra cost about £100. 
      I just wondered if anyone could advise if the 1.5” legs would be good enough and stay stable in the wind? Does anyone own this mount and have either of the two sizes of legs? I would love to hear your experiences before I finally put in the order.
      May I thank you in advance if you can offer any help.
    • By kbrown
      Got tired of the mess of cables and loose devices I had to always put together and dismantle after each astrophotography session so I figured I'd do something about it. This tray will sit nicely under the tripod and provide a hub for everything including Fused Power, Raspberry Pi, USB Hub, GPS, Dew Heaters, Long Range WiFi etc...
      First version will be really crude as I need to have this working in less than a week as I'm going on a holiday taking my astro gear with me.

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      Now when I have started to use my observatory I face a new problem, meridian flip. Earlier at my balcony I didn't have any problem because I only had a free view to East.
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    • By Myrialejean
      Someone a while back, most likely on a different site, was asking about the current draw of their mount so that they could factor it in.
      Anyway, I decided to measure mine out of pure curiosity  so here's my readings in case they are of any use whatsoever to anyone else...
      CGEM DX + StarSense HC + StarSense Camera + Celestron GPS
      (Measured using a regulated 12v supply and multi-meter)
      Normal RA tracking: 470ma max (5.56W)
      Full speed RA+DEC slew: 1550ma max (18.6W)
      I suspect there is also a momentary surge as the motors start as the power supply needed to be set to give up to 3A otherwise it cut the voltage on a full speed slew and the motor controller objected (although the hand controller was fine as it regulates down to 5v or so anyway I suspect).  This wasn't picked up by the meter so it wasn't sustained.