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Found 15 results

  1. Hi, I have been attempting to update my SynScan V3 Hand Controller from V3.08 to latest version. Handset bootloader is V1.7. Unfortunately I just get the message “Can not connect to SynScan hand control”. I have looked at numerous forums and tried everything that has been suggested (including older versions of firmware installer), but getting nowhere. I am using a Skywatcher SynScan USB Adapter (purchased from Bristol Cameras) and installed the driver from the Skywatcher website. The adapter shows in the COM ports and says it is working properly. I have tried different computers (Win10 and XP) with no joy. Can anyone help, or is there anyone in North Aberdeenshire that has successfully updated their handset willing to give mine a go (once travel restrictions, etc ease)? Thanks
  2. Hopefully about to join the legion of the many very happy Mesu 200 owners but would like to ask a few questions if possible. Can the software that the Mesu mount uses be controlled by a Mac rather than a PC? What software comes out of the box for controlling the Mesu mount is it user friendly and are there other alternatives? As a warm room won't be possible due to space restrictions what is the possible maximum length a USB cable can be wired between the mount and the controlling computer? Reason I am asking is that the conservatory will be close to the observatory and the option is, once I get the Atik Infinity to control everything from indoors (especially in the cold weather)? Again rather ask questions now rather than find out things after the whole set up is built. As always thanks for the input people, really appreciate it.
  3. Hi All, i have recently purchased a star tech powered USB hub and 25m of CAT6e cable and connected it up to my NEQ6 mount, Canon 700d, and Star shoot autoguider (through PHD2). The problem is that everything works fine apart from the autoguider. PHD2 connects ok to the mount and camera but won't loop exposures. I keep getting Error 31 connection to device has failed. Any suggestions on what the problem could be? Thanks
  4. Greetings, This is my first post. I have a Saxon 8" with an HEQ5. I am mounting this on a peer in the garden and I am going to remote control everything from my hobby room. I am going to use USB/Ethernet/USB (USB to Ethernet on each end) for the video from the camera (ZWO ASI120MC) and the Shoestring remote focus. and I will put the Synscan down another Ethernet cable. I have tested this using only a 1 meter Ethernet cable and it works fine. If I try it on a very long Ethernet cable it won't work for either use. Just wondering if anyone else has done this and what sort of lengths it goes over. I need it to run over approximately 20m length but don't want to cut two lengths and then find it won't work. Thanks in advance Colin
  5. I have long had a peculiar problem with my G3 (Orion) camera program freezing, or locking up. Then, the only apparent fix was to unplug the USB cord and reinsert it, and restart the Orion Camera Suite. It was really bad when I used a non-powered hub with my laptop. A powered hub helped a lot, but did not entirely stop this annoying problem. Even Orion was scratching their heads with no suggestions. After adding a AAF2 Mark 2 Focuser, a new monster reared its head along this line. Since I have had to retreat my mount to the house while a storm comes and passes, I thought I would work on what could be causing my USB woes. Happy in having decided it was not a program related problem, I turned my USB detective work towards the laptop itself. Lo and Behold, I think I found a culprit... I run a PC, and have had Windows based operating systems since DOS 3.11. I've always been able to fix my own by bumble-fumbling my way through. So I began searching for USB freezing or dropping out fixes. Something that cropped up was "How to Fix an Annoying Windows USB Problem". And so far, it's working. Mining down to this little 'helper' was a bit fun. But I got there. Now this "USB Selective Suspend" is implanted with, I'm sure, good intentions. It's purpose is to conserve power by suspending idle USB ports. But it apparently misses the boat for those of us sitting in the night trying to keep our telescopes running along, albeit, sometimes slowly. By disabling this "feature", my laptop and the programs I use, including TekkyDave's AAF2 has run for over 6 hours now. It is a major milestone for me to finally find a work around for a most annoying problem. I most often have my computers on, and plugged in, and on auto-update. So if you are having some odd things from your USB connected devices, it may not be your equipment, nor your programs, but some obscure little helper buried down in the advanced settings of your operating system. Worth a look...
  6. Hi Just tried out my new (to me) Canon 6D Mk1 at Galloway Star Party and discovered that my Windows 7, 64bit laptop doesn't see the camera when I try to connect it by USB, so I can't control it with BackyardEOS. I've checked the device manager and it just doesn't come up when connected and switched on plus I've tried different USB ports. However, I don't have the same problem when I do the same with my Canon EOS 450D using the same cable with the same laptop. Am I missing something important here? Pretty frustrating given it's the first time I've been out under a sky that good in a long time Thanks in advance, Tom
  7. Before I go and Purchase some new USB Leads does anybody have any recommendations where to buy Reliable and quality USB leads. As i had 2 USB cables go faulty on me last night for both cameras which wasted a rare and lovely clear night's imaging session. And i do not want to have keep redoing the wire harness so stressing the other leads e.c.t.
  8. Hi Everyone, While we all know that there are plenty of hubs out there in the market like Hitec Astro Hub and Pegasus Astro Hubs for providing 12VDC and USB comm link for good cable management, I am a DIY person with little to no experience in electronics. I do know how to solder reasonably well. I am looking to see if someone here could help me with a circuit diagram for a hub that gives has 5x12VDC output, 3x5VDC output and 4xUSB powered hub for communication. I would then go out, purchase all components and build one for myself. This is only so that I don't have too many cables dangling off of my mount and becoming a constant trip hazard. TIA guys.
  9. Hi all i haven't been doing very much with astronomy for almost a year and decided last week that i really miss it and need to get back into it. However i have always liked the idea of setting up a system to view and control my telescope from inside my warm house. so yesterday i was playing around with Stellarium setting up all my connections and making sure i could get the telescope to connect, after many many hours last night i finally managed to connect everything up via USB-to Com and finally my computer said connected !! YAY So at that point i obviously told Stellarium to slew my scope and it did NOTHING ! even though it still said connected :/ HMM so i sat scratching my head..... then after around 10 mins i restarted computer and then my computer would no longer detect that a USB had been plugged in ... tried on 2 laptops same problem. tried other USB devices and all is fine so it seems to be only when i attempt to plug in my scope it will no longer detect that i have plugged it in. today i have tried deleting USB drivers and restarting to let them reinstall.....still nothing :@ grrrr has anyone ever had this same problem or know any fix or what maybe wrong ? thanks all speak soon hopefully. oh and i am using a skywatcher sky max 127 with synscan handset
  10. I am new to this, so my questions may be strange to some... I have a HEQ-5 Pro mount with SynScan and a Skymax 127 scope and a QHY5L II planet-/guide camera. As winters tend to be really harsch in the north of sweden, I plan to sit inside and run the mount from the PC. This will require quite long USB and power cables, but repeater-equipped USB cables are available, so that should not be a problem. To run the mount from a PC, you have to have an adapter from rs232 (9-pin D-sub) to USB first, which I have, but I wish to skip the original RJ11 to RD232cable. Searching eBay, I found an adapter RJ11 to USB female for less than a US-dollar: "Connector Plugs USB 2.0 Type A Female to Telephone Phone Cable Line Adaptor". A long intro, but has anyone tried this adapter and will it work in this environment?
  11. kbrown

    The Crux

    Got tired of the mess of cables and loose devices I had to always put together and dismantle after each astrophotography session so I figured I'd do something about it. This tray will sit nicely under the tripod and provide a hub for everything including Fused Power, Raspberry Pi, USB Hub, GPS, Dew Heaters, Long Range WiFi etc... First version will be really crude as I need to have this working in less than a week as I'm going on a holiday taking my astro gear with me.
  12. Just sourced a USB lead to power my canon 1000d/500d , looks promising works on usb2 fine but not usb1 , 16000mah battery bank works , works on a galaxy tab2 USB charger but not in an Apple iPhone USB charger yet to check it on my powered USB hub , I was looking to get away from the 240v mains powered charger .
  13. With a new mount hopefully coming in the new year, I've been looking at the layout of cabling. I'm planning to put a high quality 7-port powered USB hub https://www.startech.com/uk/Cards-Adapters/USB-3.0/Hubs/7-port-usb-3-hub~ST7300U3M mounted on the Losmandy Dual mounting saddle which will hold three scopes. The hub would be plugged into the computer via an active USB lead. I've worked out that there are 7 possible devices I will foresee wanting to plug in to this hub, but never all at the same time. Electronic focus controller DSLR camera CCD camera Filter wheel Guide camera Mono planetary camera Colour planetary camera The mount would be plugged direct into the computer via a separate active USB lead. My plan was to have short high quality USB cables permanently plugged into each slot, one port allocated to each device. I would get plastic plug covers to blank off the end of each cable when it is not in use. https://www.amazon.co.uk/5Pcs-Plastic-Anti-dust-Covers-Protector/dp/B00UYMT7W6. Hopefully this would reduce/eliminate many of the problems with getting the damn computer to recognise devices. Would this be the case or have I (as usual) totally misunderstood the problem?
  14. Hi sgl community! I am struggling with all the cables connecting my gear: 2 cables for the guide cam, 2 cables for my primary camera, 3 cables for the mount, usb hub power and connection ... any and all pictures on how you manage the cables would be welcomed!
  15. Hi, I think i need a new Windows astronomy laptop. I use a Mac day to day. I had used a naff old HP Windows 7 machine. But now, after the first clear night in months, the USB ports started playing up. Took an hour to get them all recognised. They are a bit loose too. If I was going to buy a new laptop, what would people recommend? The one benefit of my current laptop is that it has 4 usb ports. I've had to dig out a powered usb hub to try and get things sorted tonight!!! Do people use laptops with powered hubs or laptops with several ports? Im thinking of spending £100-250 for a new one. I have (currently) 4 devices needing USB power, so a hub with 6 or 7 may well future proof me (for when I buy my ASCOM controllable observatory and motorised focusser ) Appreciate people's thoughts Thanks Joe
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