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Old reprocessed data


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2 hours ago, Astroboy239 said:

I reprocessed my data of the trifid nebula. Total integration 100x60sec processed in pixinsight and Lightroom. 

Please feel free to comment and critisize 



Ah!  Criticise is too harsh a word really.   The efforts involved producing these deep sky beauties demand utmost respect,  so perhaps Honest Appraisal would serve the purpose much better :icon_biggrin:,  Your efforts have produced a very nice result of the Trifid  Nebula.  Well done. 


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Used SCNR in PI to lose the green bias

Used Levels in PS to selectively adjust the red channel in the nebula

Global adjustment of Hue & Saturation

Selective area unsharp mask followed by Gaussian blur

StarShrink plugin used to shrink the stars by a small amount


This was of necessity a very quick and dirty attempt to show some of the things that I would address, really I think the image would also benefit from gradient removal too (at an early stage) but that can't be done cleanly using the posted jpg - you need to be working with the original unstretched data. Remember this is just my personal preferences, I'm not claiming my choice of settings are 'right' or 'better' :-)


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