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  1. i was using my eq3-2 with motors for years and was getting ok results, i guess i just want to get better and there for bought the new mount and scope. not moved on from my dslr though!
  2. haha superb. ye the skies down here in the borders have been rubbish as well. i bought the Gti and an evolux 62 ed at the same time and i do have some good pictures with them.
  3. thank you for your comment. i appreciate any advice, i have only recently upgraded to a goto style of mount and found it all a bit daunting. folks like you help massively. thanks again
  4. yep that was one of the videos i had found, think i have cracked it. well ivgot it moving using Nina at least! thanks for your help. very much appreciated😀
  5. got everything dowloaded but it wont connect to the mount, ascom and skywatcher synscan app downloaded. just keeps saying unable to connect to synscan app driver
  6. Thank you for that, im dowloading it now! even though im rubbish with tech. wish me luck😀
  7. I have been looking, do you still have to do star alignment or does the plate solving take away that process?
  8. i may give Nina a go in the short term. i will look into it later, thanks for the info. clear skies! eventually
  9. Ye not that keen on the synscan app, maybe its just me but i find it a bit stop start. also it plays up when im using the snap port for camera control.
  10. thanks i may do that although im tempted to go down the Asi Air route and usw that.
  11. ye its a great little setup. though still trying to get used to the goto set up
  12. Yes the pier is fitted to the heavy steel tripod 1.75” legs. So very solid
  13. Thanks, still learning with the mount but great fun between the damn clouds!
  14. Hope im not tempting the ugly grey clouds in!
  15. I have just checked the polar scope for being true in the mount. And i found that it was offset so I have centred that. Thank you once again.
  16. Hello sorry for late response, i have used an eq mount for a long time however yes i have always polar aligned by sight as in through the reticule, never had a synscan mount until this one and i see there is an alignment procedure using the app. I will learn better first and will let you know how i get on. Though weather may hold that up a bit!
  17. Sorry for the late reply, there are no strange noises when either manually or during motor operation, its maybe just me.
  18. Hi thanks for the reply. It is well polar aligned, i have it down to goto, as when i did point and track it tracked very well. It is maybe me, as im new to goto function. Thank you
  19. Yes there is connection, i will keep at it. When i used it to point and track it does track well. Thanks
  20. Can anyone help with a couple of issues i have with the star adventure GTi i have come accross. No1 issue is tracking, star trailing even at 30 seconds, polar alignment is spot on so not that, both axis seem to be pretty stiff when balancing. The tracking says sidereal and on. The scope i have attached is the evolux 62ed so not overloaded either. the other issue is the redlight flashes at different rates and i cant find anything about that in manuals. should say the mount is new as well only had it a week. Any advice/ help would be most grateful. Scott
  21. fantastic image, great to see
  22. This in my opinion should be published. fantastic. Scott
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