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Baader Zoom Barlow 2.25x

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Hi Everyone,

Recently purchased a used Baader Zoom eyepiece (which is fantastic ) and was considering buying another eyepiece for better views of the planets but came across the Baader Zoom Barlow. Would this be a better purchase than say a Baader Ortho ? Whats the main difference between this and a cheaper barlow?

Thanks Tim.

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The baader zoom barlow is a really nice bit of kit. I'ts a triplet design that's optically matched for the zoom EP, but it works really well with other EPs too, either by screwing into their filter threads, or buy using the supplied T2 adaptor with a T2-1.25" EP holder (not supplied). It's very small and light too.

If you get one to use with your zoom you'd get nothing in the image but more magnification... it really does just turn it into a 3.5mm to 10mm zoom.  To get higher mags than the normal 8mm of the zoom EP you'd need the 6mm ortho, which ain't all that easy to look through for more than a few minutes at a time.

Another option might be to get a Vixen SLV (available in 4, 5, 6mm) which reportedly give ortho performance but much more comfortable to use.  Bit more cash though.

I've moved on my Baader zoom EP but I'm keeping the barlow :)

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If you are pleased With the Hyperion zoom, I`m pretty confident you`ll feel likewise With the 2.25 barlow.

Got them both, and this combo have, for me, been fine for lunar and planetary observations.

I bought the zoom + barlow because alot of members at Cloudy Nights spoke well of them. 



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I have the Zoom, matched Barlow and SLV's (5&6mm).

The zoom + Barlow do a pretty decent job. But the single length SLV's are better in my f4.3 and f4.7 scopes. There is less in it in my f7.5.

However, you certainly won't be disappointed with the Barlow as long as you remember that if you use more magnification than the seeing allows, that they all look rubbish! Also, especially for planetary observing, finding the right mag for the conditions is half the battle. So having an infinite scale to choose from with the zoom is a real plus.

That said. My SLV's or Delos are my weapons of choice for the planets.


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