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  1. That's great to hear, hopefully its priced to sell. Cheers Tim.
  2. Purchased last year from here and never got round to using them. Checked and all working correctly. Looking for £65 plus postage. Thanks Tim. Connect four USB 2.0 devices away from your computer over Cat5 up to 130ft (40m) or Cat6 up to 165ft (50m) USB 2.0 Extender over Ethernet Cost-effective & compact USB extension over single Ethernet cable Features 2 top ports OS independent Transfer rates of up to 480 Mbps Kit includes a transmitter and a 4 port hub receiver Plug-and-play and hot-swap compatible
  3. Original Asiair for sale, great condition but missing the velcro patches. Looking for £90 plus postage. Any questions, just ask. Thanks Tim.
  4. Hi All, I have for sale an original model ZWO asiair. Purchased form FLO, its boxed, in great condition and is available for £90 inc postage. Cheers
  5. For Sale Skywatcher AZ EQ5gt Polar Scope, £30 plus P&P
  6. For sale, a Canon 450d that I purchased a few years ago from a member on here. It has been modded and has a shutter count of 17399. Not being used anymore so I'm offering it for sale at a price that reflects age, shutter count etc etc I have some chargers and some batteries that I will include. Looking for £90 plus postage. Thanks for looking.
  7. For Sale : Altair Astro 80 triplet. The sale includes an Altair Astro 50mm guide scope and the dedicated field flattener. I have also included a 0.8x reducer/flattener. Purchased a few years ago from another member, its just not getting any use so its time to let it go. The scope is in generally good condition with a few marks here and there. The focusser barrel is marked on both sides which was done before I purchased, i'm assuming its some over zealous tightening of the finder bracket which means the screws have caught the barrel. No effect on performance. The scope comes in the original ca
  8. For sale, my Samyang 135mm Canon fit. Another one of my must-have purchased that I just haven't got round to using. Purchased last year (used) its in great condition. Looking for £280 which includes postage. I also have a pair of fine tuning focus rings that I picked up locally which are included. Deserves to be used as its a great lens. Thanks for looking. Any questions, please ask.
  9. Hi Rob, many thanks for this great reply, really good info. Plenty for me to think about after all of the above replies to my question. Great to see people taking the time to share their knowledge. Its all really appreciated. Tim.
  10. Thanks John, I'll keep an eye on the classifieds. Thanks for letting me know your thoughts on the Baader, it was a concern with the 80ed which is f7. Cheers Tim
  11. That's my reading sorted for today, I appreciate your help. Tim
  12. Thank you, I'll have a look at that eyepiece, not come across it before. And thanks for the above info, something for me to think about. Cheers
  13. Ha ha I'd love to venture down the rabbit hole but second hand would have be the option. No problem with that at all. Tim
  14. Hi John, yes I'm OK with 2 inch eyepieces in either scope. Thanks Tim
  15. Hi All, Looking for some much needed help and advice before I dive in and buy a new eyepiece. I currently have 2 scopes (Altair Astro 80ed and a Skymax 150 and I currently have the following eyepieces : Baader Zoom and Barlow, Altair Astro LER 6mm 55 degree and a BST 15mm and I feel its time to start to look for a few new eyepieces . With the 150 I'm more than happy with the Baader zoom and although I use it in the 80ed I'm looking at something for more wide views. What is everyones thoughts on a Baader Hyperion Aspheric ? Any thoughts on any problems that might occur with the 80ed which
  16. Purchased from here a while ago and I have really tried to enjoy using it but its just not for me. I x unbranded binoviewer in a case and 2 ES Maxvision 20mm 68 degree eyepieces. The barlow is also included although I have never used it. Everything is in a used condition but works fine. Looking for £130 for everything inc postage. Thanks for looking.
  17. I've just replaced the battery in mine, cost £33 and was a straight forward job. Works perfectly now.
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