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Saturn 6 June - something completely different

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When I first came to this website a bit over a year ago, I was thrilled by my pictures of Saturn, taken using a bridge camera. I decided to repeat the exercise, but with the advantage of some experience under my belt. This is a stack of the 90% best of 50 (marginally better than 60%) taken with my Nikon P520, what would have been a high-end bridge camera a year or so ago. I used PIPP to pre-process, AS!2 to stack with 3x drizzle, registax to RGB align (1 pixel!) and very slight wavelets, then a touch of medium scale contrast in Astra.

OK, no prizes, but you CAN see the start of a shadow on the far side of the ring, the suggestion of a pale equatorial belt and a slight rosy tint to the top of the planet.

f5.9, 1/60 second, ISO 400, tripod and 2-second self-timer delay and manual focus.

Saturn 6 June.jpg

Also Mars... showing some pixellation from the drizzle as only 17 pics, but the pattern does more or less match the pic taken with the big scope

Mars 6 June Bridge.jpg

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2 minutes ago, bunnygod1 said:

Some nice detail there.

I must admit, the Saturn pic has come out ridiculously well! I tried a few other pics of constellations/DSOs at ISO64000(!) but it will only let me get a 1/2 second exposure but it will be interesting to see how they come out - I think most if not all DSOs are a no-no but it is a fun way to photograph constellation patterns.

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