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Mars Stood Opposed, but I Won!


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The skies cleared and I jumped at the opportunity to image Mars at actual opposition and here is the result. This time, I used my barlow and imaging device with the Orion SkyView 180, yielding a larger image. There is a little atmospheric turbulence here and there but some moments of really good seeing and suitable frames for stacking. I used the same music for this video as I did in the "Mars Near Opposition" video.  Enjoy!



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That eyepiece-cam seems to be the ideal mate for your Mak-Cass scopes. I have similar one's from Meade - but not sure where I stashed the software.....

My home is like a combination optical-shop & bicycle-repair & customizing lab. I hope I didn't use the CD's as  spoke-guards! :eek:  :p

:cat:- Woof!



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