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Adrian R Williams

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Hi Adrian


I’m a newbie myself, but do know that Landsend Astronomers are starting up again with a new volunteer co-ordinator who lives near St. Ives area. If you google them and sign up for the email newsletters, you should find out more.


There is also Cornwall Astronomy Society that supposedly meets at Mabe and Helston. I say supposedly as I have tried emailing them, but have never had a reply. I may well just turn up instead when they are due to hold their next meeting at Helston.




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Hi and welcome to SGL - Glad that you found us. I've done a quick search and here's a list of astronomy clubs in the UK. Sure you can find something here that will be close to you.

Look forward to seeing you around :) 

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Hi Adrian,

As already mentioned there is Cornwall Astronomy Society. I've never attended a meeting myself but whoever is in charge of their Facebook page makes regular posts so I assume they are active. https://www.facebook.com/Cornwall-Astronomy-Society-169037896475728/info/?tab=page_info

Here's a link to their web page http://cornwallas.org.uk/

Welcome to SGL.

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