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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Hi How did you get on with moving, did you make it to Newquay
  3. Could all residents of Devon please stop buying astro gear so we can have a little break in the clouds! Thank you kindly.
  4. Hi, Have you tried to update the firmware in the mount and hand controller? Steve
  5. i am having problems with my Sky-watcher allview mount, it slews on the horizontal but as soon as i try on the vertical the hand control freezes and nothing happens, anyone able to help.
  6. Hi, is there anyone in the east devon area with the tools to cut a piece of 89mm steel pipe for me so that its perfectly square at both ends? i tried with a 10" grinder with no luck, an old boy friend of mine said he could with his workshop hack saw but i think its older than him and slightly off. maybe a well aligned cut off saw it needed. if i could get a steel cutting blade for my mitre saw it would probably work but the bore is a different size.
  7. We've had several clear nights up here in Exeter, 1 night viewing was very good. Clouds are back again however. Did manage to catch, focus and track ISS for at least 10 seconds the other night, which was a first.
  8. Finally a week of clear skies, been able to use all three scopes; impressed with my new 127mm Mak and synscan makes for a quick finding easy session. Have found I'm using the Mak to locate then heading to the 200Dob and matching location, bit of a cheat really as want to improve my star hopping skills too Picks of my south sky sessions has been Orion nebula, Christmas tree, M50, M48, hoping to get some good galaxy views around Markarians chain if the weather holds out
  9. So it now seems an eternity since a decent period of good viewing weather here in Newquay, has anyone else had better luck? ?
  10. Hi John, Been away for a while. (a lot longer than i intended) Thanks for the invite, looking forward to catching up with you all. Pete.
  11. Thanks John, I live in Newquay, have to say weather has been dismal for what seems an eternity, when there has been a break in cloud we've been hit with sea mist! Hoping for clear skies and hello to everyone in the new club
  12. Gents. Hello. A friend and I took the opportunity last night to take some new toys out to play. We are both based around Exeter. We traveled to Haytor Car Park and were distinctly unimpressed with the level of ambient light for a dark sky site. Obviously the moon was playing it's part, but when the inevitable heavy cloud cover arrived shortly after our arrival it was evident that ambient light levels were pretty high. We subsequently traveled to a site just outside of Oakhampton, the evening lost to clouds, just to see if it was suitable and it was at least the match of Haytor site, and in my opinion possibly better. Do you chaps have any preferred sites around Devon, preferably south, south east, south west, but we are happy to travel on occasion for the best results. Thanks in advance Steven
  13. Hi John, I live in Falmouth and pretty new to the hobby. I'm also a member of the Cornwall astro society and pretty keen to get involved with stuff in the SW. Cheers Steve
  14. I'd go down the road to Tintagel and get some cracking photos as well as astronomy Mark!
  15. Hello I will be at the Wellington hotel in Boscastle, North Cornwall at Christmas again this year. Does anyone know any good stargazing sites (weather permitting) around Boscastle? I assume the headland would be god but really exposed! Mark Bowles
  16. I've just been made 'Leader' of the D&C club and I'd like to drum up a little interest. I'd like to see some activity in here! So, I'm trawling through the old posts from before it was converted to a 'club' and sending out invites to members who reside in the region. I'd like members in the area to get to know each other, and see if we can turn this into a thriving observing/imaging group. Feel free to chip in with ideas for how we use this resource as well. So, if you receive an invite, please accept, pop in and say hello
  17. John I have made you the Leader of the group. At the SGL star party over the weekend I chatted with Grant about the Club setup so early next year we will start to make individuals 'owners' and I will then withdraw. Good luck with recruitment.
  18. I'll do it. And I'll even try to drum up a bit of interest as well, get some activity going. The last proper post in here was 9 months ago!
  19. Hello Members If you look at the membership you will see that I am classed as the 'owner' and 'leader' Clearly it would be better for a local member to take on the role? Can you advise me if you wish to take on this role. Mark
  20. You may have noticed that we have created a new heading, above the banner, called 'Clubs'. The plan is to move all the existing social groups and observatories to this new area. Currently there are 17 different groups some more active than others. You need to advise me, in this thread, whether you wish your social group to be moved, otherwise the group will be closed and archived. I look forward to hearing from someone within group for us to take necessary admin action.
  21. Hi, we are trying to sell our house up here in the middle of the country, to mover to Newquay (or somewhere near), so will keep an eye on this thread with interest...
  22. Not the flying type, the Torquay type! (sorry, football reference) Anyone from Torquay (or surrounding areas) frequent this place? Interested to hear the best sites for observing around the bay or slightly further afield. Took a drive through Dartmoor a couple of days back looking for a nice spot. To be fair most of it looked good for stargazing!
  23. Good suggestions, just need that clear sky to come back, all in my observing list now

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