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  2. Hi there I'm in Callington just South of Launceston - moved here just a few weeks ago in fact! Were are you based? Cheers, Rob
  3. Hi Just throwing this out there, ard there any clubs or members in North Cornwall here, it seems this group doesn't get to much action, as I live in North Cornwall it may be good to meet up locally once possible with covid restrictions, it's a shame I don't drive so clubs further afield are a no go. Clear skies
  4. South of Princetown is getting to Bortle 4 territory, go a couple of miles north of Princetown just beyond Postbridge and you should find yourself in Bortle 3.
  5. Hi All I've been planning a move to the Plymouth area from Bristol for some time now and probably would have already if it weren't for the pesky Covid-19!!! My wife's family are from down there and I did some looking for decent spots on Dartmoor. The best I found exploring from the Plymouth side was the 2 car parks on the Whiteworks road a couple of miles South of Princetown. I haven't visited at night so I don't know what the city skyglow will be like as it's about 9 miles NE of Plymouth. The further North and East you go, the better it will be I guess! Anyway once we sell our
  6. When I mentioned Haddon Hill I meant going up onto the highest point of the Hill, not Wimbleball reservoir, which as has been said, is locked off and also in quite a deep hollow. It's not a long walk from the car park and from the top you have almost 100% clear horizon, free from anything. All I need is a break in this terrible weather!!
  7. Sorry for not replying sooner - but yes, it's definitely not the right weather this weekend! Happy to keep the option open for the weekends you suggest - just got to wait and see what happens. Hopefully get it in before the end of 2020.
  8. Taken with my C11XLT-CT and Zwo 178mm camera. Mono image. False colour added in Photoshop
  9. Well it certainly looks a washout for next weekend, and am still waiting on delivery of equipment. So currently considering 20th/21st November as next potential window of opportunity. Failing that, 11th/12th December, or 18th/19th December would be the only two remaining windows of 2020 for me.
  10. Sounds like a great project, with a possible, modest income too...
  11. @JamesF thanks for your first hand experiences, if by an amazing stroke of luck, I might be able to recount my experience of both chance locations over the same weekend, and new moon cycle. Raining here now
  12. Come to think of it, once I get a bit more organised with stuff the possibility of offering one of our fields here as an observing location if people are interested. On good nights I reckon NELM can be between 5.5 and 6 based on stars in UMi. Driving onto the field probably wouldn't be clever if there'd been a lot of rain recently and there's no electricity or anything like that (maybe one day), but there would be the opportunity to chuck a tent up and get a few hours kip after a hard night at the eyepiece. Just need to get our building work all finished off first... James
  13. I live under the "To Taunton and the M5" text on their map. I've been to Wimbubble Lake a few times when my son has been canoeing/kayaking there and I'm not convinced about it as an observing site unless access from the car park to the area around the lake is possible (there's a gate between the two as far as I recall). The car park itself faces east-ish and overlooks the lake, but is surrounded by mature trees so may not be a great location unless it fits in with the targets you have in mind. There's a sloping grass area that runs down to the water's edge and if you can get onto that I rec
  14. Yes (concur with trying both sites out), I've been reminded that I booked a long weekend of annual leave on that weekend, so I have a 4 night window of possibilities for the weather, but will try the best and hopefully that falls on Friday / Saturday. One of my Powertank's arrived today, so once I've done some testing with life time and power draw I am ready equipment-wise, but was hoping for the new telescope to arrive before hand. Still something I will do either way, old equipment with a fiddly focus procedure or hopefully something better... I will have the same astrophotography
  15. Following giles' links above I came across a "Dark Skies Pocket Guide" (here) produced by the Exmoor National Park which actively encourages astronomy and gives specific examples of suitable sites - one of which is the Haddon Hill site @cheddar-man suggested. I think that sorts the permission question. @gilesco I'll keep the 13/14th Nov free with the intention of heading up to Dartmoor (weather permitting) but if I get another opportunity I might try out the Exmoor site as well. I'm hoping that longer term I can get out to remote locations fairly regularly to escape the light
  16. I expect, since becoming a Dark Skies site, that they've made all the changes to keep it that way. https://www.exmoor-nationalpark.gov.uk/enjoying/stargazing Surprised I have not seen this mentioned anywhere on here, especially as it appears to be running right now... (although many events will probably not go ahead because of the weather). https://www.exmoor-nationalpark.gov.uk/enjoying/stargazing/dark-skies-festival Interesting you can hire SkyWatcher Dobsonians from any of their National Park Centres, £25 a night, plus £100 deposit, £10 per each additional night. Sounds
  17. There are some (old) floodlights at the Wimbleball dam but never seen them on. Apart from the I'm not aware of any light source. The nearest village, about twenty houses, is Bury, well over the hill.
  18. I have not, Exmoor is a little further, and I'm more at home on Dartmoor, anyone fancy getting in touch? I can still do Exmoor one night, just 10+ mins drive for me and I suppose a smoother drive with equipment. Would be good to know what artificial lighting is there, I know the dartmoor sites have none, Exmoor is a dark site space, so should be hopeful on that.
  19. Haddon Hill does look interesting, certainly a lot more sheltered than the site on Dartmoor we were considering and roughly equal travel time for me. I've checked the National Trust and it's not one of their car parks (despite those donation boxes) so I would guess its an Exmoor National Park Authority owned one. @gilesco have you contacted them already? If not, I can send them an email. I'd be happy to head to either site assuming Exmoor didn't mind us being there.
  20. Yes not seeing a good window this month at all... am getting a part shipment tomorrow, which will help with setup planning. Hoping for a better November, have some long weekends booked with work too....
  21. Umm, not looking good for the Orionids meteors tonight
  22. I believe it just comes under Exmoor national park but in the car park (free) there are National Tryst donation boxes?
  23. Sorry, had a dome to construct but finished now so weather should improve, lol.
  24. If you go to my website, I have recently posted a talk by Dr Robin Glover, which goes in to levels of light pollution noise and how this helps / hinders your necessary exposure time when imaging. If you can obtain better detail with lower length exposures then you can get more subs in a given time frame and thus more detail. Bortle is a rather rough scale. Lower is better. SQM higher the better. It also translates to observing quality, but it is difficult to quantify, as your eye is fixed in its abilities regarding focal length, aperture, and exposure time. Of course having a te
  25. Mine in Culmstock isn't that great but useable not that I have a clue what any of that means Being well East of Exeter I'm thinking of a trip up to Haddon Hill, overlooking Wimbleball Lake. Often walk up there and it's beautiful, complete with car park. So what is all this telling me folks??
  26. Hi all, just joined the Devon and Cornwall club in SGL. I'm in Devon. Been observing the sun today. Brilliant complex plage today. More complex than yesterday. Not sure if I observed a flare will have to look through the Avi files but noticed change near the sunspot. Will post when I've processed the file's. There used to be a yearly get together of clubs here in Devon years ago but think it died a death. I've been away from Devon for several years only moved back in November last year. Enjoy the dark sky we have here.

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