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Modified DSLR or Celestron Nightscape CCD

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Im after some advice please,
I was going to get a modified DSLR Canon 600d or something like that for my imaging,
But a friend has just thrown me a curve ball, he is in the USA and has said he can get the Celestron Nightscape CCD (10.7mp version) for $600, which is around the same sort of price of a modified 600d / 700d.
I have done some reading up on the Celestron and it gets very mixed reviews, from superb to avoid, alot of these are related to the software and the lack of support at the time for the camera in other software. I was fortunate enough to be given a copy of Maxim dl 5 by someone who was finishing with the hobby, and that supports the camera.
is it worth me buying the Celestron or would you stick to the Canon ?.

looking forward to hearing what you think.


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Celestron Nightscape isn't the best camera available, based on old Kodak sensor with small color pixels. It would be better to use color QHY8L or mono new ZWO/QHY cooled CMOS based cameras. If you can get Nightscape really cheap and you have a short focal length telescopes or a lens - then it could be viable against a DSLR due to cooling. So it depends on the actual price vs competitors.

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Astronomy gear import I paid was 4.2% on astro related gear, but theat was not a digital camera. I just checked on Pitney Bowes and for a cost of $600 and shipping of $50 + insuranc eof $10 total cost would be £548.27 at a rate of  £1= $1.44

Not bad considering. It is often the hidden things that either swing it in or out of favour. Lithium batteries can cause some problems.



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I am sure it woud be classed as a grey import. They do not like losing money.

I have bought several items from the USA without problems but they are mechanical high quality, such as Feathertouch focusers and adapters. Hopefully not likely to go faulty, but then.......


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