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How do you save gamepad settings in EQMOD?

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Can one save the gamepad settings used with EQMOD?  Maybe I'm being stupid, but I haven't found a way to save them and Chris Shillito doesn't seem to mention it in his excellent video.  Many thanks. 

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As far as I can remember you should only have to hit apply and they should save.
I only went through this during the week and cannot remember having to save them anywhere.

Once you have selected the gamepad and setup your controls, just apply before hitting ok and it should just remember them.

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That's right.   But sometimes my gamepad fails to load the right settings on startup. Maybe that's a driver failing to load.  Also on occasion I've mistakenly pressed the button to restore default settings. Anyway I've had  to reinstate the settings manually a few times and it would be handy  if there was a save and recall feature. Or maybe there is and I'm missing it somehow. 

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