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  1. Are you using the new 64bit version? if not this should help speed things up a little. Do you have an SSD that you can make use of? I have a separate SSD that I use as a working drive for current projects. Move data onto the SSD to do the inital stack etc... and then move to a normal drive afterwards. Having the temp location on a seperate drive to where your data is stored should also speed things up a tiny bit. Make sure the amount of cores that DSS is using is set correctly as well. Im not sure how big the data set is but if you are able to build a file list and put the data online somewhere then I would be more than willing to provide some cpu cycles to aid in the process (I have a Ryzen 2700X which should munch through that pretty quickly).
  2. I have looked at ascom remote and for most things this will work fine apart from accessing hardware directly or locally for obs streams etc...
  3. Good afternoon everyone Been looking into different ways to control the obsy from the new remote warm room. I am currently using teamviewer but was looking for a way to control everything directly (for better compatibility for streaming etc...). I have come across these USB Device servers that enable you to connect to remote usb devices over the network. https://www.bechtle.com/gb/shop/silex-ds-600-usb-superspeed-deviceserver--4076181-01--p Has anyone used these or had any experiance with them? Thanks in advance
  4. I currently have a 9x50 guide scope setup so not too much extra weight. I have an extension bar that I have used in the past with the 200p but if this works I may well add an extra weight instead so I can keep the weight closer to mount. The SCT I have converted and intend mounting using a set of rings and a longish dovetail, I am hoping there should be enough adjustment setting up like this plus if I piggyback (using a second dovetail like I have at present) then I have some scope to be able to move additional weight forward and back. Side-by-side is something I have looked at as an option if I am going down the route of a small frac but keeping options open. As a side note: I found the 130PDS harder to balance than the 200p due to the extra length and weight, one of the first things I did was put longer dovetails on to allow for extra adjustment and making sure you have balanced on all three axis (which adding the samyang would have thrown off). I think at this point I am going to have to wait and see once everything is up and running. if it comes to it then I can always still use two seperate setups but was hoping to have just the one.
  5. With the 0.63x FR it should work out at f/6.2 which is about the same as an ED80 with the FR comes out at and plenty of people seem to image just fine. taking into account my current average guiding the large pixels of the QHY8L should work out to be about the same as my 130PDS + 600D Weight wise I have not yet measured (quoted weight for the ota is about 14lb), however it actually felt lighter than my 200p but that could be due to difference in size which is also going to play its part I would have thought.
  6. Good evening everyone Until recently I have been using two different scopes, a 130PDS for winter and a 200P during the summer. Space is very much a premium in my little obsy and the 200p meant that I was crawling under it at times. There are times in both summer and winter that the scope not on the mount and setup would have been the better choice (I am sure a lot have this issue). I have just acquired a de-forked meade LX10 8" SCT which I will be replacing the 200p with (the 200p with be given a new home on its DIY Dob mount). This has started me thinking about a complete re-jig in regards to my imaging setup and thoughts are currently at going with a single setup that can be used year round. Correct me if I am wrong but I would think that the 130PDS would be too much along side the 8" SCT, guide scope and camera etc.... Do you think either an ED80 or something a little smaller (ED72 or 66) would be able to run side by side (or piggy backed) with the SCT on a HEQ5? I know I will be pushing it and also losing some light gathering ability however the fact that I have everything all in one place without having to redo balancing, pointing models etc... is a very attractive option Having just purchased my first dedicated cooled CCD (A QHY8L) I am hoping to use the SCT with the 0.63x focal reducer for imaging as well (which seemed a good match taking into account p/p arc second and my current guiding). What options do I have in regards smaller scopes that would enable this type of setup on an HEQ5? I am currently using a 9x50 guide scope but considering if a OAG may now be a better option? Any thoughts here would be great, if there are other options then please let me know (Before anyone says it a new mount is not an option at present) Thanks in advance Mark
  7. Now that is a shame, I was hoping that may be part of my bigger solution as well. I too am using apt but was eager to see how it worked with sharpcap for livestacking.
  8. There is work being done on an ascom driver for canon dslr's. I downloaded it the other night but due to the power and ethernet in the obsy being down at present I am not able to test it. There was a thread elsewhere but a quick google search should bring it up. This looks like the type of setup I have been looking for as well. After seriously considering the move to linux for the ability to use a client / server setup for remote control this may just mean I can stay with tools that I am used to and have an easier time setting up what I am trying to do.
  9. Thanks Olly for the heads up. QHY8L has now been sourced but still looking for a few other bits.
  10. Had a look at their website, very nice I must say. I may well take a look at this over the new few months as an alternative to my current imaging setup. Now if they was to implement a web based control that would be something else
  11. Thanks again I will check this out of the coming weeks / months once the new scope is ready (and weather permits). Mark
  12. Thank you very much indeed for the information. If I was able to bin the images before debaying then this would have the effect required then? I was looking at maybe using something like PiPP. There is an option to bin 2x2 but could disable the debaying part of the process, the outputted FITS could then but run through stacking software as normal. Would this work? PiPP has the option of using the sum or average of pixels, if this could work which would be the best solution to try? Thanks again in advance
  13. Good evening everyone Been doing a fair amount of reading and I am looking for any kind of input and help. I am currently using a 130PDS and a 600D on a HEQ5. This gives me around 1.37" per pixel which is above my average guiding error of between 0.8" - 1" (something I am still working to improve). Now I have just purchased an deforked Meade LX10 8" SCT for the summer / planetary but also intend to try and use it along with the 0.63 FR for some of the smaller stuff and a smaller FOV. Given the same guiding setup and average error I would then be well below my guiding as well as over sampling. Am I correct in saying that I am able to use software binning (2x2) with either a DSLR or at some point a dedicated cmos camera that has around the same pixel pitch as my 600D to bring the sampling rate up to around what I am getting at present? A 600D using the LX10 with 2x2 binning would bring me up to around 1.41" per pixel. Any help or advise on this would be fantastic. trying to find an affordable somewhat modern camera be it dslr or dedicated with large enough native pixels is not easy, this would give me more scope going forward and would still allow me to use the same equipment on smaller scopes without the use of binning Thanks in advance Mark
  14. Thanks everyone These are all 30s shots, I originally tried 120s and 60s but both gave too much trailing. Shot with a 600D using a 130PDS on a HEQ5 Mount. Stacking took place in DSS and then processed with PI and photoshop, I have also found that anything over about 30s also results in dots rather than trails. I have another using 120s subs but did not like the dots The animation was done by processing the first image and then replicating the settings to the other raw files. These then got brought into PiPP and cropped / joined to create the final result. I had attempted to stack for both the stars and the comet however I think there was either too few frames or the comet was moving too quick.
  15. Finally got my first chance this year (this winter in fact) to get the scope out. With the moon being out in full glory I decided to have a shot at this instead. I was suprised just how quick it was moving compared to others I had photographed in the past, and took a bit of figuring out to get an exposure that I was happy with.
  16. Thanks had not spotted this one. Will take a good read through it
  17. I had an issue with a 12v 5A PSU from a know retailer last year. The mount started behaving strange and guiding took a nose dive (more than normal). Another interesting note was that during a slew the led on the mount would blink (which I was told was down to low power) I replaced the psu with a bench unit and everything played ball again. Worth checking to see how it behaves during a slew. A mate of mine recently had an issue as well with a skywatcher mount where is would just stop dead halfway through a slew, the same problem again.
  18. 8.5ft x 11.5ft. A door on one side leading to the hall and then another leading to conservatory and garden. After a few inital tests last year that proved to be successful I have also decided to run the Meteor detection / Radio telescope setup from here as well. going to be installing the Antenna in the loft for a permanent solution instead of on a tripod outside when needed
  19. Not cheap but you can get the retrofit kits from TS. https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p2625_1-10-micro-transmission-for-retrofitment-of-Crayford-focusers.html
  20. Hi everyone We are just about to start converting the garage area to a larger kitchen, I have offically been given permission from myself to convert the old kitchen into a remote warm room / office / workshop. I will be needing space for printing and mounting etc... as well as a small workstation area for soldering and other projects, the rest is up in the air. Dedicating one part as mission control sounds like a good plan at present. Anyone who has a setup like this please can you post some inspiration and ideas. regards mark
  21. Good evening I am looking for the following items SCT Crayford focuser - Nothing fancy but something to give finer control and hopefully run motorised focuser with (off the shelf or DIY) Meade 3.3 reducer QHY8L - Found ES 2x FE (1.25") Thanks in advance
  22. Hi everyone I am in the process of having a bit of a change around in regards to scopes (due to space in the obsy and not wanting to constantly change scopes). Having just purchased a Meade LX10 OTA that had been de-forked and I have converted it for use with an EQ Mount (HEQ5) I am now looking for something to run along side it (or on top I should say). I have had my eye on the skywatcher 72 ED but there seems to have been issues with the corrector / FR, have these now been ironed out and can anyone give me any futher information regarding it? At this present stage I will be using it with a DSLR attached so any advise would be great. Any advise and input would be great Thanks in advance Mark
  23. Thanks Eric, Im afraid wakefield would be bit too far for me to be honest. I am really hoping for something a little closer to home or a secure courier as an alternative unless the price is really right.
  24. I am looking for an 8" or 9.25 SCT, anything considered depending on price Needs to either a vixen or losmandy dovetail Message me if you have anything I may be interested Regards Mark
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