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Using a telescope cover

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Are things like Telegizmo 365 covers worth considering in the UK? I'd love to be able to leave my scope and mount out whenever the weather is at least reasonable, but I'm worried that covering it over after a session will simply trap in moisture as much as it would keep any showers or bird poo off during the day. 

I'm loving my current setup and since removing some horrid and very tall Leylandii hedges over the winter, am using my garden more and more, rather than venturing out into the countryside. I'd just like to be able to leave the setup out during periods of reasonable weather but am not interested in an observatory.

Any thoughts?

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I have used one yr 'round at times. Of course if you go to bed and cover a frosty scope, it'll sweat under the cover but the following day I remove the cover and let everything air. If weather permits this then I remove the scope and take it inside to be dried and give the mount a good dry before covering again. Sounds a myther but its easier than it sounds and I've rarely had to remove the scope

Just a word of caution, the £30 green witch covers can be had for less than half the price if you go online and search for Gardman outdoor chair covers sku 34395. They are the same product relabeled. I've checked and even the serial numbers are identical

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This may be necroposting but I am considering the same problem. I reckon that, in addition to any waterproof cover, an inside layer of fabric / towelling would help to wick condensation away from cold spots and give it a chance to evaporate outside. Ventilation is going to be at least as important as proofing, especially after use on a cold night. A good blower with a hint of heating could make the scope's environment more or less like 'indoors'. Having the scope sited on a slightly elevated dry standing platform would avoid extra damp coming up from grass or concrete underfoot. 

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