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Difference between the two 24mm ES82s

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There seem to be two types of 24mm ES 82 EPs out there. A more expensive one (Says it's Argon Nitrogen purged) and a cheaper one (nearly half the price) they look different, too. The more expensive one is all black while the cheaper one is two different shades of grey and has a twist-up eye cup while the expensive one has a normal eye guard.

What's the difference between the two? I thought they were the same thing when I first saw them, but thought the expensive one was an older model. them having the same product name is confusing.



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1 minute ago, Roy Challen said:

Isn't the cheaper one a Max Vision? ES own or have taken over the marketing of this brand, or something like that. I think.

Ah, that may be the case.

The cheaper one: http://www.365astronomy.com/Explore-Scientific-MaxVision-82o-Eyepiece-24mm-2.html

The more expensive one: http://www.365astronomy.com/Explore-Scientific-82o-N2-Eyepiece-24mm-2.html

Just noticed the difference in name :happy8:

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The cheaper one will be a maxivision one, which is essentially unbranded Meade stock from an order that was incomplete, the manufacturers "JOC" rebranded them and sold them as Maxivision.  The ES branding and gas purging, also a JOC product, is supposed to offer benefits over the maxivison, however in practice i'm not sure you'll notice a great deal of difference.

The maxivison is a great piece of glass for the price as is the ES stuff..

Think that's right...



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Two major differences as I see it:

1. Weight: Maxvision(rebranded Meade UWA) weighs about 990 grams,  ES about 870 grams.

2. Eye guard: Maxvision has twist-up eye guard, ES has soft rubber eye cup.

Otherwise they should be little difference between the two, the purged ES should withstand frost a little better than Maxvision in cold, IMHO.

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