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Skywatcher Mounts

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At the moment I have a skywatcher 150 mm f1200 mm refractor and would like to know if I can  upgrade it to a EQ5 Pro SynScan goto mount  it weighs a little under the 9 Kg stated payload limit and I'm also as a pensioner on a fixed budget. Will this setup be OK as I mostly see the same telescope advertised with a heavy duty mount costing £200 more.


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The heavier duty mount will always be more stable, but as long as you're under the limit, it should be usable.  The only thing to think about is the focal length.  9kg spread across 1200mm of F\L will mean a less stable setup than a shorter tube, which will take longer to settle when moved.   

Anyone else have experience of a similar combination who can shed more light on real-world usage?

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Hi Clive - welcome to the forum :smiley:

I've used the 150mm F/8 refractor on a Celestron CG5 mount, which is very, very similar to an EQ5, for visual observing and it was just about OK. The CG5 has 2" steel tubed legs which are a bit more substantial than the EQ5 1.75" ones, taller as well. Using vibration surpression pads and an electronic focuser can help minimise vibrations.

As Adam says, the tube length is the challenge as much as it's weight.

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As an aside to this, is a reflector of a given size easier to mount than a refractor due to the optics weight being at the bottom of the ota rather than the top?

Funnily enough, I find they're generally harder, as the weight in a reflector is less well distributed. A refractor generally has is centre of gravity closer to the middle I find...

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