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Where are the best "dark skies" in north Surrey, UK?


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Hopefully this is the right forum for this.

I live in Epsom, and my first plan is the racetrack as its high up and away from the town centre lights, even if just by half a mile.  

Does anyone know the "darkest skies" around the area?



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I can't help exactly but this map might give you some ideas.


Ranmore Common is a favourite, just to the north-west of Dorking, or Leith Hill, to the South. There are also a couple of places near Guildford that are frequented - Newland's Corner is the one that springs to mind.


.... Albury heath too...


Great, thanks for the quick replies.  Ranmore Common sounds closest, I'll head that way once I've had a few evenings getting used to the telescope at Epsom.

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Epsom race course looks ok looking anywhere except towards London. Not the darkest in Surrey though All the above are far better. If you can get away from the towns then anywhere is going to be an improvement.

I always thought my garden was a dark site but I've just come back from NZ where it seems to be dark sky everywhere and I now find it quite a disappointment. Still for Surrey mine's still good though

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