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Beginner nebula or galaxy after...


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so ive been spending hours on andromeda and m42.

Which target should i look at next thats not a cluster and is easy-ish to capture. I was thinking of m81/82 but seem to be struggling to find it.

What about the horsehead?

Any tips would be great


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The HH and flame is fairly do-able. But that depends on how much exposure youre throwing at it, and whether your camera is modded for Ha.

If your camera is unmodded then galaxies will always be easier since they are broadband objects, rather than Nebs which are more of a narrowband thing. But you might need to wait for the Moon to clear off first if youre to make any headway with broadband imaging.

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Thanks, The moon has really limited me to around 40 seconds of exposure.

I do plan on taking a trip to the dark sky galloway forrest park after it goes away with my synguider for some long exposures...

I dunno if i should have a go at andromeda again in complete darkness and a guider.

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Autoguiding makes all the difference ;)  bit of a dark art at first, but once you come up with a set routine it never fails.

Yeah i cant wait... although i cant help but feel that maybe instead of the synguider and the st80 i should have went for the ed80 and left guiding to a later date.

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