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  1. So i decided to go easy and try some tracked moon shots instead of dso tonight... The first 2 pics are the st-80 with a x2 barlow. Im really surprised with this despite the CA... last pic was my 114mm reflector with x2 barlow to bring it to focus... im not seeing much benefit to the 114mm with the longer focal length really. Perhaps a more experienced set of peepers can enlighten me though. Im finding it difficult to obtain a better focus than this. Could it be the shutter at iso100 being too low? think they were all 1/35 of a sec at iso 100
  2. Hey folks... the clouds just dont seem to give up... Ive got some pretty decent results with the gear i have on the few times the skys have been clear but its frustrating to say the least.... Seems nice and clear during the day though and id quite fancy getting some good solar shots. I have a tracking mount and the gear i have is listed below... what do i need to buy in order to get some shots of the sun with some nice detail? Would a solar filter and my spc900 do? and just use registax like i would on jupiter? any tips would be great.
  3. Here is my effort.... A wee bird flew past for that arty effect.... cheers burd
  4. love the lunar pic... really like how you captured it. i feel the notion of messing with the levels in photo shop for the orion pic to get rid of the light pollution as it looks great.
  5. That looks great. I found m31 difficult with the moon glare and only 100 sec subs on my st 80.
  6. Incredible. Love the close ups. Just out of interest in terms of scale of what im seeing. In the second image... The deep crater just below center to the left. Roughly how wide is that in Km or miles if anyone knows?
  7. awesome shot. Much better than my efforts... I couldn't get good focus at all tonight.
  8. Thanks Ill check out the pinched optics thing and follow that guide on how to improve the st 80 a bit... an ed-80 is on the cards soon i think. The synguider just wasnt happening for me last night tried for a while to find a guide star but just couldn't. Hopefully ill have better luck once my finder scope arrives and i get everything all aligned properly. Also gutted about the 350d not working via backard eos and win 7 so thats the modded 350d thing out the window. Im gonna invest in one of those canon eos battery/mains adapters so i dont have to charge the battery so much when imaging.
  9. Yeah, St 80 on a star adventurer with an un modded 500d with a sky watcher light pollution filter. Deep sky stacker and Photoshop. I have a synguider but haven't had the time to spend figuring out how to use it yet as the clouds could show up any minute and I'm waiting on a finder scope to use it with.
  10. I also took 13 mins worth of andromeda (8 subs) just to see what sort of results i got without the moon washing it out and i think its promising... i captured about an hour for half this detail during the full moon. quite surprised by this
  11. here is the flame with flats... a bit more photoshop which seems to have reduced the horse head a bit 14x100s subs... i should have just re positioned my mount and stuck with this target all night i think. Im gonna focus on this target next i think.
  12. so after 2 long weeks there was a break in the clouds... Spent ages looking for the pinwheel and gave up... then i tried the flame nebula and didn't realise it crossed over a telephone line and ruined 20 of the 30 pictures i took.... made an attempt at the whirlpool galaxy. 2 new targets for me... loads wrong with them but at least ill know what not to do next time. Whirlpool is 21 x 60 secs iso800 10 darks, flats, bias miles off what id hoped for but the camera battery died after so much messing about the flame is just 10 lights as i wasnt expecting much with ten pics and just wanted to see if i got anything at all. just not my night haha
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