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Cheshire or laser?


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I have a laser collimator but it doesn't seem to sit quite right in my viewfinder. it moves slightly so the dot goes off my centre spot. I then adjust both mirrors and centre it again. Then if I take the collimator out and put it back in again it moves again!

I've never used a Cheshire, I just wondered what peoples thoughts were and which one you prefer and why. 

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Ah ok, I do have a Barlow! Thank you for the advice!

When I got my laser I had to put a centre spot on my mirror because celestron seem to think it's not important! Cleaned it in the process too so it worked out ok!

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In answer to your query, Nick, I use both a laser and a Cheshire-sighting tube. I'm a happy camper when they both agree across-the-board. I'm one of those odd people who actually enjoys collimating a scope.

Not knowing what you have for a collimation-guide, I thought I'd give you a link to one of the best I've encountered:


"Astro-Baby" is a member here.

Clear Skies,


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Thank you for that Dave!!  I just followed some tutorials on youtube on how to collimate but astro-Babys guide looks pretty good!!

I think I'll be definitely investing in a cheshire collimator this coming pay day!

When its a cloudy night I do enjoy working on my telescope, either modding or collimating.  Thank you for all the replies, really appreciated

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Hi nick,i use a cheshire and find it does the job excellently,astro baby's tutorial demistifies the procedure and i too enjoy the process,

i bought the cheshire from flo and find it fits my crayford perfectly,good luck

Regards Gow

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