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  1. For sale or swap my Vixen hr 2mm eyepiece, this was a gift last year but sadly my ageing eyes are not really suited to it , too many floaters, I’ve used it 3 or 4 times so is in as new condition , i would like to swap for a Baader hyperian 5mm or similar eyepiece with good eye relief, or sell for £150
  2. Hi,thanks for the effort you put into this ,today I had the scope in the house checking anything that looked like it could be reflective ,I'm out tonight and checking the spider vanes by putting tape over them and taking a shot,and it's definitely a reflexion of the star Atik off one of the flat surface of the spider vane,even though the vanes ,I thought had anti reflective paint,so at least that's solved,a bit of flocking or something similar will cure this,many thanks to you all regards Gary
  3. Hi,I think that this is the cause and I'll be checking the tube out tomorrow,relieved that it's probably not the mirror,many thanks regards Gary
  4. Hi ,having gone through Checking for spider webs loose stuff inside the tube,the thing that baffles me is the fact that the artifact moved while tracking,at the time of imaging the scope was at about 60 deg to the horizon,so pointing above anything reflective around the obshed,I'm now wondering if a scratch on the mirror could have caused this,although while imaging last night there was no indication of this,just one of those things I guess,next move will be to remove and check the mirror regards Gary
  5. Hi ,thanks for looking ,I had thought of this but no,I took some other subs before these and had no issues ,I image a lot and this is the first time,I've had this happen,a bit of a mystery, regards Gary
  6. Hi, not too good at this but here is the first and last sub I took,reduced quality to get the size down to post, im sure there's a better way,the bottom image is the first
  7. Hi I was imaging last night and my target was Ic 348 a small cluster with some nebulosity in Perseus i started imaging at approx 0030 and had to stop due to cloud 30 minutes later ,I managed to get 3 subs of 600 sec ,the first sub showed this anomaly as did the next 2 subs ,but the object had moved,this is a dark site no street lights ,any ideas what this is?
  8. Hi,one of the first things I got after getting my Quattro was a right angled finderscope,the straight one it came with ,for me ,was almost impossible to use without contorting myself and holding on to the mount to see through,also an illuminated crosshairs eyepiece is essential for aligning precisely ,this is a great scope ,good luck Gary
  9. Hi Louise ,yes I have a dew shield almost the length of the scope 1m,I also have a fan at the primary mirror end , It doesn't seem to make any difference ,could it be that the air space between the coma corrector and the filter be the cause ? I'll maybe have a word with the guys at FLO where I bought it from , another expensive piece of kit sitting unused, hey ho that's the nature of the hobby I suppose, Regards Gary
  10. I recently bought an Idas lp filter to use in conjunction with my dslr and coma corrector on my Newton scope,sadly after about ten minutes of use the filter mists up and degrades the data I'm trying to gather,I leave the equipment to cool off for quite a while in my obshed before use, is there something I can do or magic substance I could use to alleviate this issue? Regards Gary
  11. really nice shots,about to do some widefield for the first time ,what lens did you use for these shots,at the moment not sure what to expect with my 50mm 200mm lens regards Gow
  12. Thanks for the comments guys ,I think I was a little fortunate as the seeing conditions were probably as good as I've seen here, But I've also been eagerly awaiting for this part of the night sky ,If it had been much lower I would have been taking subs of the obshed wall, started taking lights of the eagle about 0200 and finished the run at 0400 not long before the dawn light was due ,Sagittarius will soon be high enough here so looking forward to some more interesting targets, Regards Gow
  13. Yet another great sketch from you,so enjoy seeing your work,many thanks for sharing, So inspiring Regards Gow
  14. After a very bad run of weather managed to get out a couple of nights ago,the most beautiful night I can remember,took some subs of the elephant trunk and the eagle neb,after a quick process in gimp,am really made up with the results ,I hope you like, 15x300sec@1600 + darks,flats and bias Regards Gow
  15. Hi all,I've been using gimp for processing since starting AP this year,and while I've been getting reasonable results I feel I could be getting better,on sgl it seems Photoshop is being used a lot by more experienced members ,so I would like to try photoshop,but which version ? Many thanks Gow
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