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  1. It seems to me that every night I leave work and the skies are perfectly clear. I get home, get sorted, get my daughter to bed and when I look out the thick black clouds have rolled in and completely covered the entire sky! This seems to happen every single night! Its not even the curse of the new equipment as I haven't bought anything for a while! Will I ever see a clear sky again? Hmmm? rant over...
  2. Just found this! Hopefully I'll finally be able to locate the Andromeda Galaxy! Fingers crossed for clear skies this evening!! http://www.wikihow.com/Find-the-Andromeda-Galaxy
  3. No worries guys, glad to be of assistance. If I find anything else thats worth sharing I'll let you all know. Aeseir - I'll have a look see at that! thanks for the link!
  4. I've just been having a look see at ways to plan for an evening out with the scope and came across this website! Looks really helpful! Let me know what you guys think http://tonightssky.com/MainPage.php
  5. How many decimal places for Pi = 4.7 thousand places Stonehenge is easy = agreed dark matter just a case of looking round = prove it Touching the floor = one must become the floor
  6. I'm planning on using registax to process avi's What's your thoughts?
  7. Thats brilliant!! Its images like this that really make me want to invest in a decent DSLR
  8. Thank you for that Dave!! I just followed some tutorials on youtube on how to collimate but astro-Babys guide looks pretty good!! I think I'll be definitely investing in a cheshire collimator this coming pay day! When its a cloudy night I do enjoy working on my telescope, either modding or collimating. Thank you for all the replies, really appreciated
  9. Excellent!! Was it Europa that they said could be earth like?
  10. Piggy backed travel scope setup! Had to add a little more weight to counter the extra weight, re balanced and aligned the scope and it works perfectly!!
  11. Ah ok, I do have a Barlow! Thank you for the advice! When I got my laser I had to put a centre spot on my mirror because celestron seem to think it's not important! Cleaned it in the process too so it worked out ok!
  12. I may have to purchase a Cheshire, I was just worried it would be a waste of money as I have the laser already
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