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M51 with friends


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A few days ago i unmounted the 100Q and mounted the 8" f/5 newtonian to image some smaller objects.

I choose M51 and got almost 5 hours over 2 nights.

21x180" ISO1600 og 43x300" ISO1600 taken with 6Da.

Stacked and processed in Pixinsight, final touches in PS CS6.

Widefield with almost the whole FOV. There must be several hundred smaller galaxies here. 

Take note of the large cluster of faint galaxies near the bright star above M51.


100% crop, some hydrogen alpha areas as starting to show :)


Annotated image, would be nice to know the magnitude of the faintest objects here, anyone got any idea how i can find out?


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as nice as the crop is, I just love that widefield. gives some sort of perspective with M51 floating out there on a sea of stars and galaxies, devouring her companion like a black widow spider. I'm also one of the rare bread that actually likes the diffraction spikes a newtonion give you.

very nice indeed :)

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Hi xplode

Lovely image.

The following might help to find individual mags  (zoom in for more details). Objects plotted down to mag 20. You might even have a quasar or two in there...




Thank you.

Looks like the galaxy cluster near HIP 66004 is around 2.5 billion light years away :shocked:

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