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Somewhere over the weekend (can't remember where now!) I came across Team Viewer software and its use in the remote control of computers. This sounds very useful for the computer control of the mount and camera outside from an inside location, or have I got the wrong end of the stick?

I wonder if anyone is using this in their astronomy setup:

  • How does the connection work, through the internet so you use WiFi?
  • Does it have to be computer to computer or could you use a tablet inside to control the computer outside?
  • Exactly what can you control on the computer e.g. mount control, camera capture, guiding etc?  
  • Other than downloading and installing the software, is anything else needed?
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I use Teamviewer with a LAN link between the laptop in the observatory and a laptop in the office. It also can work over WiFi.

It allows total control of the remote computer, I run EQmod, CdC, AstroArt remotely and download my images for processing in the office.

No issues, no drama.

No other software required, Teamviewer does it all.

Don't know about tablets....

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I'm impressed by TeamViewer. It seems to work just fine in "either direction"

between any computer combination! It consumes a fair bit of "CPU" and / or

"Graphics"... But most modern machines (especially dual CPU) cope well. :)

You can even control a single application on a LARGE screen of a powerful

machine from a Notebook. Set it to display / interact with a single window. ;)

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