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Comet Lovejoy and Mr. Spock

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Hi there,

Here's a capture of the magnificent Comet Lovejoy. 15 x 4 minute exposures, Canon 700d, with Canon 75-300mm lens set at 200mm. The core is so bright that I managed to guide directly on the comet's head with my QHY5 cam and ST80 scope, and thus capture a bit of detail in the tail.

The Spock reference is that I noticed that the comet passes very close to 16th magnitude asteroid 2309 Mr. Spock (discovered in 1971) this evening. Illogical, captain.


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Great image, I love the tail details.  I'm currently doing a run myself and guiding off the nucleus too but PHD has frozen twice and is pinging like crazy now I got it running again.  Hopefully I get something like you have achieved :)

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Lovely capture, especially to get the tail so well!

I've literally only just seen this with my bins, even got my wife to have a look. I might just see if I can quickly capture it myself with my 1100D an a tripod.

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