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What to get the person who has everything - TV eyeguard extender

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Only joking; I don't have everything but have been interested in these for a while. I have a 32mm TV plossl and the eye relief on this is a bit long for me, especially when solar observing.

I made a neoprene version of the same thing but always wanted one of these. I'd expect they would also work for e.g. larger Naglers etc.

In the usual high quality TV box (same as the eyepieces), it comes with a spare 2" eyepiece cap and of course a new rubber.

The process is simplicity. Take off the old eyepiece rubber and then using the twist locking mechanism tighten the extender onto the eyepiece top.

Seems to work very well and for me best with the eyepiece cup folded down.

Really excellent little product which I'd recommend. You can stack them too for extremely long ER.

Here's some pics.





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Shane I just bought one of these from Telescope House and it arrived today. I have fitted the extender to the 21mm Ethos and if it stays clear tonight I will give it a run out. If I like the extender I might buy additional ones for my 13mm and 8mm Ethos.

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Sorry John good question which I didn't make clear

it is just an eyecup extender. There's no glass.

Thanks Shane - good idea for the long eye relief eyepieces though. I sometimes wonder why there is not more call for a wider range of eyecup options as our faces come in all shapes and sizes and the standard items don't always do a good enough job at helping position the eye and keeping out stray light.

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I used the 21mm Ethos last night on the 180mm Mak Cass. It was comfortable to view although I had to move my eye around to get the full FOV. In saying that the EPs on the 80mm frac (used as a finder last night) did mist up but the Ethos stayed clear. Perhaps it was because my eye was further away from the surface??

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I've known the warmth of my eye mist up the eye lens of an eyepiece but only under cold conditions and when I've allowed the eyepiece to become very cold as well.

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