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Rosette Nebula QHY8 WOZS66 0.8 FR

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Well after wasting Friday and Saturday night with problems with my EQ6 pro losing comms with the PC, I seemed to have solved it and had a problem free Sunday night.

I thought I would try out the QHY8 and took a sequence in Maxim of Lights, Darks, Flat and Bias files.

This camera is very new to me and is a real learning process.

10 x 5 min subs WOZS66 0.8 FR/FF QHY8 CLS filter guided by ED80 and DSI Pro on EQ6 Pro using EQMod.

Processing in Maxim using DDP and I couldn't use the flats. Will have to read up on this.

Severely reduced in size and quality to post.

Comments and hints welcome.



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Hi John

You have been busy, havent you :D The QHY8 doesnt really need darks if the TEC is running. I get the occasional hot pixel on mine when running 10-15 minute subs, and its far easier to just clone/repair them out in photoshop.

The file size could be bigger (its 66Kb), because the compression in the image is killing the finer detail really badly. Aiming for about 150-200Kb should be better, and will allow much more detail in the JPG.

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You're along way ahead of me with the QHY8, I can't get mine to do anything so far, other than ice up. Just lots of blank screens

The icing can be cured by storing the QHY8 in an air tight container, and throw a couple of silica gel bags in there as well. I used to get iced up all the time... now its never.

The blank screens are a bit odd though. I tend to plug in the 12v (for the fan) and then the 18v (for the TEC), and then the USB.

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Martin, Dave Sexton (forum member) had this problem and was close to sending it back from whence it came but he has now resolved the issue completely - it would be well worth having a word with him. He has responded to a post here so you could PM him. Can't think of another way of getting to his PM! :-


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Nice one. Like the others say, I would also like to see the full version :D

I absolutely love seeing pictures of the Rosette Nebula....its my favourite. I can't wait to have a crack at imaging it one day..

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