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  1. Nice one. Like the others say, I would also like to see the full version I absolutely love seeing pictures of the Rosette Nebula....its my favourite. I can't wait to have a crack at imaging it one day..
  2. Nice image mate, definitely prefer the new one, as you say, the spirals are a little more prominent.
  3. Thanks John, but thats actually the standard HEQ5, not the Syntrek one. Ian King offers it on the standard HEQ5 for just £709! I emailed Ian King and he said he could do it on the Syntrek HEQ5 for £829 (although it has yet to be added to the site), whereas FLO charge £964! I don't want to diss FLO (I know they have a great rep around here) but £135 extra is quite hefty for me (my original budget was £500.. ) http://www.iankingimaging.com/show_products.php?category=66
  4. Yup, that site is very similar prices/layout to Ian Kings here http://www.iankingimaging.com/show_products.php?category=66 Although Ian King doesn't list the Syntrek version of the HEQ5, I emailed him and he said it would be £829. Which considering the mod to make it full goto is only about £50 is a great saving on getting it with the HEQ5 Pro Synscan, which is £1020 [with ED80]. Some people even say an EQ modded mount is superior to the Synscan GoTo version.....anyone got any experience?
  5. Will probaly be a month or so by the time I get the cash together I would also be willing to buy second hand....but the second hand market for ED80s/HEQ5s is rather dry.....I guess thats a good sign! Let me know If anyone spots anything over the next few weeks, and I would be really grateful Two requirements though: -It has to be either the syntrek (so I can EQmod) or full goto version of HEQ5, not the standard one -I would prefer the ED80/80ED (Orion or Skywatcher as I'm not bothered by colours , but not Celestron version) to come with finderscope etc. as that is how it comes in the deal I
  6. Ok I'm looking to get my first setup. My main interest is in doing some DSO imaging. After considering lots of options, I think I have settled on a Skywatcher ED80 on the HEQ5 Syntrek mount, which I can get for £829 in total. So for about an extra £70, bringing it to around £900 I could EQmod that to an HEQ5 with full laptop controlled GoTo. With that setup I could hopefully do some observing, get to grips with actually using a telescope and start to try a some imaging. Then add things like a LP filter, Focal Reducer and guide scope at a later date as I get more comfortable with things, and wa
  7. http://www.celestron.uk.com/catalogues/view_item.asp?ItemID=30622&CatalogueID=272&CategoryID=3766 Remember its non motorised/goto. Cheers, MiLK
  8. Heh...l've seen several people mention this :D ...the infamous Coffee Grinder 5 :lol:
  9. Yup, it really seems the HEQ5 is the way to go if i'm serious. Ahh yes, I have seen your one of M42, very nice! Was that taken with the 8" Newt?
  10. Cool, thanks for the reccomendation. You had a chance to take any photos yet between the ? What camera are you using? Cheers
  11. Yeah I was looking at the GoTo C8N package which is motorised. But I guess if the price of that hasn't dropped then there is little chance of me haggling a reduced price C8N OTA with HEQ5. In essence I was hoping that one of the C8N/CG5 standard packages for £249 could be split up, giving me a cheap C8N OTA and then putting it on an HEQ5. I guess I could do that myself though, buy a C8N/CG5 for £249, sell the mount as new, then put that money towards an HEQ5 mount. Or maybe if I speak to FLO they might be able to work out some kind of deal... At the end of the day the price might just work o
  12. Thanks for the prompt reply Yeah I figured that the the OTAs are pretty much identical as they are both manufactured by Synta. But I mention the C8N OTA on the HEQ5 because the C8N/CG5 package has been reduced to £249, so it *may* be possible to get a C8N OTA on the HEQ5 for cheaper than the Skywatcher equivalent. I couldn't afford the HEQ5 with the GoTo so I guess it boils down to; HEQ5 and no GoTo, or CG5 and Goto. Whilst the HEQ5 would clearly be beneficial for long exposure imaging of DSOs, the GoTo would probally ease the overall learning curve.....decisions decisions...
  13. Ok so I'm looking to get my first telescope, and I have decided on an 8" Newt. The main use for this will be for astrophotography of DSO's, and perhaps some moon/planets to begin with. Whilst I appreciate the fact I have to learn how to walk before I run, I might as well keep my end goal in mind, otherwise I will just have to spend more money down the road. The two I'm talking about come with their relevant scopes, and can be seen here: Skywatcher 200P on HEQ5 Celestron C8-N GT on CG5 So bearing in mind I will be doing long exposure photos, which is the best mount? I have heard that the CG5 i
  14. Thanks Yeah I agree there must have been something up with the colour setting...I didn't realise how green it was till I put it on my laptop, I'll look into it tommorow. I have work at 6.30am so for now its bed!
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