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Faint fuzzies NCG3733/56/38 and friends

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Unexpected clearing skies late last night. :shock:

So as I could not decide on a suitable Ha target and the moon and poor transparency made going for a detailed image of a closer galaxy not a good idea, I decided to try for getting as many faint fuzzies in one shot as I could(quantity rather than qulity).

10 @ 5 mins with CLS filter.


(click to enlarge)


(click to enlarge)

Not the prettiest image but fun to do .

I think I can see at least 25 galaxies in the FOV, NGC3733/56/38 at least.


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Skymap pro says.........Tycho catalog number: TYC 3832-1275-1

Hipparcos number: HIP 56510

Henry Draper number: HD 100615

DM number: BD +55 1473

PPM number: PPM 33154

SAO number: SAO 28064

Bright star number: HR 4457

Visual magnitude: 5.63

Spectral type: K0III

Distance: 411 +/- 32 light years

Luminosity: 72.0 +/- 11.6 x Sun's luminosity


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